Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well Of Course That's Where We Keep It

It would seem that the festivities have all been too much for me. I have, yet again, reached a state of near-total inertia.

I realized this tonight as I looked around at the living room. The living room in which I was fairly certain I used to have carpet. Now all that can be seen is an ocean of styrofoam peanuts.

My studio is indescribable, the car is worse. The child's bedroom should be condemned.

And I seem to have lost one of my favourite wine glasses. One cannot help but wonder if it had wine in it at the time and if, perhaps, that would explain a few things.

Nonetheless it is gone. Fortunately I have five others and I only use one at a time. Or, apparently, sometimes two: one for wine and one for losing somewhere in the house. (I mean dude, where on earth do you lose a large blue mexican glass wineglass? Possibly with wine in it?)

I've completely lost it and what makes it worse is that everyone seems to think I'm supposed to be holding things together and will not leave me alone. I realized the extent of the meltdown tonight when I found the lid to the parmesan cheese tub in a box of Christmas cards where it must have been residing since we lost it three days ago and almost slapped myself for not looking there earlier. I mean, where else would it be?

So If I owe you a phone call, an email, or a package, well I could come up with all sorts of fancy explanations as to why it isn't there, but the simple reason is that I'm insane. (I keep hearing the phone ringing, too, but I'm pretty sure nobody's calling me at 1:15 in the morning, but I digress.)

I have the next three days off work (and that's a whole nother kettle of fish that we just won't be talking about any time soon) and hope to regain at least a small part of my sanity during that time.

There will be posting of more hats, the drawing of the last few prizes, photographing of some finished objects (and I'm not buying the Sea Silk -- I've started knitting up my stash instead). I might even sleep. And go to the post office.

And drink some wine if I can find the damned glass.

I've read that the ancient Egyptians believed that five days at the turn of the year were unprotected by any of their gods. They spent that time huddled in their houses, waiting for better days. And they didn't even have snow to deal with. Let's start a movement to celebrate Winter Hibernation!
Rabbitch, I'm not sure how I missed this post of yours...but I second tamar's idea...just shut it all down for a few days.
I feel for you, been there done that with 3 children, but it does make for some incredible gut-busting laughs either sooner or later.
omfg - I have not laughed so hard in a while. That is exactly how my life has been lately, and I had 10 days off of work. Unfortunately, we were either traveling or had houseguests. But I got nearly an entire vest knitted. Whoo hoo for houseguests who babysit.
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