Saturday, December 09, 2006


Wasn't This Supposed to Hurt?

I was all prepared. I have ibuprofen, tylenol, a bottle of T3s, and a case of beer. My husband even has 2/3 of a bottle of good whiskey. (no i wasn't going to mix the liquor and the pills. unless it worked)

And here I am, after fourteen or fifteen hours of sleep, feeling just fine. Minor discomfort, that's it. No swollen face, no gouts of blood, nothing. Nothing near the amount of pain I was getting from that tooth when it lived in my mouth.

It's quite anticlimactic really.

So in honour of "my face doesn't hurt and doesn't look stupid so I don't have anything to blog about" day, I shall spend the day decorating the xmoose tree (yes, it's up. I have a six-year-old. shut up), getting ingredients for cookies (thousands of small children --well, just one -- coming over to bake tomorrow), cleaning house, and posting more pictures of Hats. And drawing for the prizes, which was supposed to happen yesterday but I was all, like, passed out, and shit.

And maybe dyeing wool.

Oh yes, and starting the Christmas Knitting. It's about time to start now, isn't it?

I am 100% opposed to xmASS knitting but since you said it was time, I cast on for a tree skirt. This, like everything else, is all your fault.
Yup, I'd say it's time to start Xmas knitting, but ONLY if you're going to be doing really FAST presents or don't have to work between now and then so you can knit 24 hours a day ... otherwise, just bake cookies and drink some wine ... and tell folks you gave hats to the homeless in their honor this year! :-)
Start? I'm 75% finished!

And Beth's idea was a good one! You know those hats I sent? They were in honor of everyone that isn't getting prezzies from me this year.
If you're just starting now, might I suggest gift bags? They're small and take only a little time, and everyone's so impressed with the wrapper they don't care what you put in them.
Yay for low-pain dental work. I'm so glad you're not in a drunken stupor... uh, feeling little pain from the tooth removal. And that whole wisdom thing is a Big Lie. I've got all 4 of them pulled and I'm plenty wise! Oh yeah!
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