Saturday, December 09, 2006


THIS Hurts

I just went and typed the url for this blog into here.

And I am CRYING with laughter. No really. It's hurting my face. And shizzle.

OMG! It's hilarious.

I'm busting a gut over here.

Coming out of lurkdom to say glad you're...feel'n jizzle fine in all flavas.

My kid and I are gonna get our pimp on today wit da tizzy. Yo.
*dies* I typed in my own URL and found out that I'm now "Knotty Mizouse- a Southern Knitta Gangsta & Spinna!" ROFL.
this is sooo funny, thanks for posting it.. :) I got me some pain in my shizzle!
You wouldn't believe what it does to German. Gangsta German -- not too bad. And doesn't "trippin' a friznont band" sound less intimidating and more fun than "steeking a front band"? I think so, too.
::falls over in hysterics::

Strange, though - it didn't do a thing to my latest title, which had S.E.X. in it. !!!! Oh, what a missed opportunity!

Ok, I gotta buggin` gallop, 'cuz da sun be shinin and I needs ta be rhymin', it's time ta lie dizzown. Word.

(verification durteh? ok, something's definitely up, now Blogger's jivin', too!)
That was so funny! I translated my blog, and now I have to go find my ass, 'cuz I laughed it off. Where do you find this stuff?
having mad fits of giggling here, indeed, how in the world do you manage to find these places...
Much too funny. Thanks for the giggle. Now to pass it on to others. hehe
Where do you find this stuff?
Ok, that was surreal... I put in my blog, and the linguist in me was trying to figure out a substitution rule, but I gave up when I wrote "neener neener" and it substituted "Playa drug deala." Right...
i loved it! i put my blog in and it came up with muses of a dragon buggin' brotha.

i'm so linking this!
Tanks ta B U double nizzy ears - Jizzle
Oh man, that is just exactly what I needed-thanks-oh and btw you've been tagged for a meme come to my blog for the details
And I quote you, from the last entry:

So in honour of "my fizzy doesn't hurt n doesn't look stupid so I D-to-tha-izzon't have anyth'n ta bizzy `bout" day, I shall spend tha day decorat'n tha xmoose tree (yes, it's up. I have a six-year-old n shit. shut up), gett'n ingredients fo` cookies (thousands of S-M-to-tha-izzall children --well, jiznust one -- com'n over ta bakes tomorrow), straight trippin' house, n frontin' more pictures of Hats. And trippin' fo` tha prizes, whizzay was supposed ta happen yesterday but I was all, like, passed out, n shizzay . It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg.

OMG! Way to effin funny!
I'm cracking up too. I put in mine for today, and the title was, "If My Mizzle is Correct" .... And the post was AWESOME.
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