Friday, December 15, 2006



My parents have been without power (which means without heat, too) since 3am today. Ours went out briefly about that time, but it's back on now.

My road is blocked off (I can sneak out the also-blocked-off side road), there is an entire tree through the middle of my neighbour's house and they say it's going to snow tomorrow.

So I'm sort of sitting here wondering a) who we pissed off; b) what we did; and c) how we can fix it. Because I've got to tell you, it's not quite as much fun as it sounds.

Great Og, take care of yourselves! I remember how terrifying it was when we had an ice storm a few years ago, and pine branches were falling on the roof all night. We were lucky. Only one punched through, and that was in the kitchen. It could have been otherwise.

Thinking warm thoughts your way...
damn. I hope your parents have lots of wool knitted hats,blankies,socks,etc...will be sending good thoughts your way, haven't heard from Ms.K all day which is highly highly likely their power is out also...huh, highly could be a key word here.
We lost power for about 12 hours. Got it back just before nightfall. The snow on the mountains above us stopped about one block from the nearest line of houses. Lots of trees down, but none on us. So far, so good.
Oh, girl, not that I'd wish it on anyone, but welcome to my (hurricane season) world. it sucks, yes? try going without power for a month or more. just lovely, that is...May it come back on quickly for your folks.
Yesterday here in Ottawa it was 10C and raining. Clearly we're getting your weather and you're getting ours. Warm, dry, safe thoughts your way.
Sending good vibes - all the local news has been about us here in OR/WA, and I've been wondering what it was like up in BC. (I mean, we're *neighbors*, for goddess' sake. Would it kill the newsies to give us a hint?) We've got power crews from CA coming up to help; are you guys getting any assistance from Alberta or anywhere? Hopes power comes back quick and people manage to stay warm, 'cause it's cold out there. Watch out for belated tree-falling when you sneak out!
Oooo, and you sitting there with trees all around. Yikes.
For some situations, hats are not enough. Could you set up some kind of account that people could donate to, e.g. to buy coffee and doughnuts for the men with the chainsaws (or to buy chainsaws) for tree removal?
At this festive time of year,
I wish you lots of holiday cheer!
(with apologies to Bugs Bunny)

A faithful blog reader
Storms are SUCH fun. We just had a week of them and I you`ll know how bad they were - all the local pubs closed. Takes a typhoon + metor strike to do that, usually...
I'm sorry your weather is other worldly. It's ridiculously warm here, which is good for finishing the fence and planting bulbs, but definitely not seasonal and a bit spooky.
I'm with you on the questions
Oh, gosh! Just saw this post! Everything ok now? I hate the witout power thing... And, it's not you who should be asking the questions. Obviously, your neighbors are horrible people and have brought this down upon you all!
a)god/gaia/fsm/Earth/our alien fathers, etc.
b)fucked up a perfectly good planet, perhaps irreperably
c)stop driving, stop using coal for fuel, stop large scale agriculture, etc.

doI get a star?
Blech, I hope that the weather's gotten better and the road's opened. Seems like it is the Winter o' Crappy Weather for you. :(
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