Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Pissed Off. And, Apparently, On.

There are changes afoot at work. The main change seems to be that (mis)management is now playing "Use the Rabbitch for a Pinata".

I'm not pleased.

However as I don't want to end up like that silly cow who got famous by being fired for blogging about work, I shall just whine about it in private email.

Quite frankly, the only thing that stopped me from tripping an old lady or drowning a hamster today was the fact that all of you rock immensely, and I got to spend the afternoon on the Downtown East Side delivering knitted goodies.

Today's total:

20 hats to DEYAS

10 blankets, 2 knitted teddy bears, 6 hats to SheWay

4 blankets, 20 hats to Triage

20 hats to The Union Gospel Mission

9 hats, 2 scarves, 1 headband to ARA Mental Health

That's 75 hats, people.

It would make me feel all warm and fuzzy if I weren't looking for the liquor and a chainsaw right about now.

Yay on the hats.

Boo on the assbeagles.

Check your email for the latest from here.
I feel for you. I had a similar problem at work. Lucky me, I could just quit. I did. Gave them no notice and walked out. Felt abso-fucking-lutely wonderful.
Horray for hats! So much for freedom of speech. Well, you're free to say it...yeah right.
Ratz! I mean, great for the hats, but what's going on at work? I hope everything turns out okay. Maybe a commando mission, where we help you oust the management with knitting needles, and then place you in the seat of power? Just brainstorming here..
You're the one that rocks.
DAMMIT I hate management. I especially hate fucking high management who think it's fun and a half to dangle people around so they can buy their new sport yacht or SUV or fuck over a few more poor people. And I detest middle management weasels who can find neither their ass nor Japan with both hands and yet somehow, someway, stay leached onto an organization and make other people's lives hell. Fucking management.
Um, sorry. And I'm sorry they are busy currently screwing you over as well.
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