Tuesday, December 12, 2006


OK, Not All Kids are Cute

In fact most are little germ-covered, booger-eating disease factories who talk back and you can't just put them in the fucking closet because then someone calls the Ministry on you and it's all just too much.

But really, isn't she the cutest?

the impartial queen of prize selection, here in her element

And here she is, holding up #37. Sally, that's you. I don't think I have an email for you ... drop me a line? You won yourself a book.

It doesn't get much more fun than this.

And she looks especially cute in pink fuzzy pajamas!
She is adorable!
what a cute kid.. who's is she? *snicker snort*
okay, the next time I do a contest your kid gets to pick the number. She's way cuter than my random number generator.
Definitely one of the cutest little girls ever!
She really is the cutest! And not a booger visible (did she eat them all?)
She doesn't LOOK like a booger eater. Germ infested disease factor? That's the least of your problems. Worry about cute. You haven't got any teenager yet have you? hehe
Too freakin cute. I love that she's holding the number upside down! Refer back to this entry when your hands are itching to box her up and send her off to Siberia. "But I put in air holes! See?"
Holy Shit! You've cloned yourself! Take a look at her picture and your profile pic! Perhaps you just warped your older self back to interact with your younger self and teach her to knit? Perhaps you, like our "Heroes" friend, Hiro, can "bend the space-time continuum"? The ramifications are enough to boggle the mind! You sure were cute when you were young! :)
She does look pretty proud of herself. Very cute.
Please thank your little cutie pie for picking me too! awwww
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