Monday, December 18, 2006


Oh Thank FSM It's Here

The pre-giftmas meltdown. *applause*

I'm totally fucked, stressed into total inaction and wondering when the last time I had a shower might have been.

So, um, if you call don't expect me to answer the phone. Or call back. Or even pay the phone bill so it will ring.

I'll be just fine if I can knit ALL of Branching Out at work tonight, get everything packed up tomorrow and get over the border to mail stuff Express on Wednesday. Otherwise y'all are getting new years gifts. Or Easter.

(i fell asleep instead of doing anything last night, and then had to spend most of the morning waiting for Ukranian Tire to put a new battery in the car, hence the hysteria. i was holding it all together just fine until this morning. really. shut up.)

Sounds as if the road is open again.

I gave Easter gifts one year. I'm more relaxed than that now. I think medium sized kids (older than toddler, younger than teen) are the only ones who sweat the exact timing (well, them and twenty- somethings who sweat every occasion).

Festivus, a good idea, almost as good as my favorite, the Midwinter Hibernation Festival.
"Ukranian Tire" - bwahahahahah. Best one all day. Hang in there, and don't be afraid to follow the Yarh Harlot's lead and give someone an unfinished knitted gift. Just put it in a package, needles and all. If they know knitters, they'll understand and be happy. Of course, then they'll bombard you asking if it's done yet, but they will understand.
I would just like to point out that no one will wither and die if the presents don't make it by Monday, but YOU might trying to make the deadline. Wrap up little boxes with notes that say "IOU one knitted item" and then take until June. Of next year.
Oh, please. It's just a calendar. This hang-up about dates. Giftmas was/is sometime between November and April; Thanksgiving Day is entirely up to the country of your choice; and my nieces' birthdays are sometime before giftmas—usually seconds before. I have to hope they are used to it now.
Surprises in February are more fun anyway.
at least if you go tomorrow, you won't need a passport! oy!
i'm sending packages out at the end of this week. they'll get it after christmas and they'll be happy, damn it.

by the way, i posted the 6 weird things.
I'm shuttin' up.
I'm an off-again/on-again reader, so forgive me: what does "FSM" stand for? I can guess about the "F", but???
I'm with Ann, I'm shutting up ... especially because I didn't make most of my gifts this year!
Look, you have an Italian's flair for drama, so why not just call yourself temporarily Italian and deliver the gifts by Epiphany? Hmmm?

Christmas is an arbitrary date, darlin'. Move it around to suit yourself.

There's a deadline for gifts?!? I am so screwed!
I suggest you go out and adopt a crackbaby.
Just breathe....

And then go bash something, might I suggest something male? You'll feel better. Honest
I hear May Day gifts are a fine tradition. Plus there is less chance of ass bruising due to cold weather.

Hurrying up Branching Out is just going to Piss You Off, trust me. I ripped that stupid scarf probably 4 times because I screwed up the pattern at various points. For some reason I couldn't ever get the hang of that lace pattern and never memorized it.
Ukrainian Tire, that's the best one ever, heehee. I hope you finish everything in time without losing your sanity :)
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