Saturday, December 02, 2006


Oh, So Hey ...

Yes, I say things like that. "Oh, so hey, I was thinking ..." I have no idea why I've been allowed to live for this long.

So yeah, I'm going to spend part of this afternoon drinking coffee (I just got up, but do not seem to be aware of actually having slept at any point today due to the Muppet's insistence that I could sleep perfectly fine if she sat beside -- and sometimes on me on the bed, watching TV, while I attempted to do so) and doing laundry (because life, as you well know, is an endless round of excitement Ch├ęz Lapin) and then feeding 900 children and maybe getting dressed and then maybe breaking out the beer (if I have any) and opening the rest of these hat envelopes and taking some pictures and doing a tally and all.

Although it's after December 1, if you've knit a hat or three and still want to send them, please do, they'll find homes and I'm going to keep that PO box until at least April, probably longer. But, so hey, there's this Completely Wacked Chick who is doing a hat/scarf/toy knitted thingie and she could use your help too. If you'd rather send them to her, that's just fine by me.

Or do both. You know you can do it in amongst all of the Christmas knitting which we will not even talk about because la la la I can't hear you.

I am a complete ho and have missed the deadline for this and I feel vile about it, so if you've got time and can get mittens to her by December 10, which is only a week away people, please do. I can get the mittens made by then, no worries, but there's no way I can afford the express post that I'd have to use to get them to her on time. So yeah, I'm evil. And clearly no good at follow-through, either.

I have no idea what the point of this post was. Mostly to tell you about my peculiar pal and her knitting dealie, I think.

It's definitely time for coffee.

I just read Farmwitch's post. What a sad world we live in! I'm definitely going to send her some things. Thank you for helping her get the word out; I'll be doing the same in tomorrow's post.
Ms. Lapin, you know damn well those kids in Buffalo are still gonna be cold on December 11. Send the mittens the cheap way!!
I got ya covered. I sent an extra pair. They can be from you. You do enough already, you selfish bitch, rotten do-gooder.
I'm so glad you mentioned the deadline! I kept thinking I still had time! I need to get on the stick so I can mail mine in the a.m.
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