Saturday, December 23, 2006


Oh Baby Don't It Feel Like Heaven Right Now?

Yes. And it certainly feels like something from a dream. Thank you Mr. Petty.

Xmas shopping is over. Anything that is unbought shall remain unbought, or at least by me. Giftmas knitting is not over and may not be. I'm hoping that nobody cares much. I certainly don't.

I survived the mall, and should I survive dinner and the subsequent decking of the halls and then the consumption of rather a lot of wine (or maybe beer. As long as there's likker involved I don't much care right now) there may be pictures.

However, I would just like to note that whoever came here looking for "knitted vomit" really needs to rethink their next project. Or maybe be a little nicer about the stuff I make.

Either. Both.

Getting a gift "on the needles" is actually more exciting than finished, as you're giving the gift of anticipation. I think that's a very generous thing to do. Have a Happy Holiday!
Knitted vomit?!?!?!?!?!?
unbelievable...the number of Sandy Vaginas out there just boggles my mind.
Wishing you the best for the holidays, hoping there's some relaxation involved, knitting, smiles, giggles, laughter, drinking, eating, singing, dancing, and whatever else strikes your fancy, in other words...making.good.time.
Or at the very least they need to stop eating their mates stash yarn to make it go away.
Merry XMoose to you too!
Merry Christmas!
Have a wonderful, whine-free Christmas! Break open the wine and the fancy chocolates and enjoy.
Well, if you're gonna have to be hall-decking the night before Christmas, I sure hope you get to have a lot of wine! Sounds like a lot of work. Aren't decks usually outside? I'd think a hallway would be a little cramped if you wanted to add a hot-tub... ::runs like hell:: Seriously, have a merry one!

(Gawd, sometimes I love Blogger. Verification 'joysvot'. Sounds like a holiday wish in a Scandihoovian version of Esperanto. I'm almost inspired to start a new cult just to use it.)
Merry XMoose to you and your family!
Merry Christmas, Rabbitch!
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Man! I think the REAL question here is why does poor Rabbitch's site come up on a search for "knitted vomit"?!? 8o) Okay, seriously- this person is a friend of mine and (she can't seem to post) so I'm trying to defend her honor. We have a blog ( for our local stitch and bitch and in honor of the holiday, we did a countdown to Christmas of knitted monstrosities-sort of a homage to
HAHA I think I've just had too much Guinness to do the verification right. Boy that sure looked like a j...not an i!
Seriously I've always loved your blog, and couldn't believe Google coughed it up as a result of that search! You may be a bit relieved to know that I found no fugly knitting here for the cause. Completely mortified at the sandy vagina remark though!
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