Friday, December 08, 2006


Now 25% Less Wise!

I had my "difficult extraction" this morning and, as I'm still frozen, am perfectly happy. I suspect there will be steadily-decreasing amounts of joy as the day wears on.

It was one of my wisdom teeth, so now I only have three. Expect an appropriately-reduced level of wisdom from this blog in future.

It was easy, and fairly quick. One certainly doesn't like to hear things like "fused bone" and "twisted roots" (ha! I typed that as "twisted toots" and now I'm all giggling and stupid. See what I mean about less wisdom? Yesterday I wouldn't have cracked a smile at that.) while one's dentist is staring at the lump he pulled out of one's mouth but hey, it's all over and done and now I'm more stupid, likely things like that won't bother me as much.

If I can even remember them.

I went to the PO box today and got an utterly obscene (in a good kind of way) avalanche of hats. I'm hoping to sleep a bit today and then take photographs (or at least get people entered into the spreadsheet) and get Prize #1 drawn, which will be the yarn from the lovely Lady Wyvern who I can't even be moved to link to right now because I'm sort of out of it.

And now to sleep ... perchance to scream.

Hey, "twisted roots" made me giggle! Too much genealogy, I guess......
I'm one of those extremely rare people who never had wisdom teeth in the first place. That's okay by me though, I keep my wisdom somewhere safer than embedded in teeth.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Awfully glad your sinus cavities didn't collapse in the process! Congratulations on a successful extraction, and best wishes for a speedy recovery. And remember: wisdom isn't all it's cracked up to be!

PS - I am still in love with my koala you-know-what!
But of course they would have to be twisted. hehe

BTW 3 hats are winging their way to you from Iowa. Sent them out yesterday. I never realized that postage was so high to Canada. hehehe
How wise am I? I only have one wisdom tooth.

Great on the avalanche of hats!
Twisted roots, three roots - my deepest sympathies. Been there. Gack.

Aside from lots of hats to cheer you - congrats! - if it doesn't hurt to laugh too much, and you haven't seen it before, go check this out:

Be sure to read the Santa's DOs and DON'Ts and the How To Santacon guide links halfway down the page. I stumbled onto this from Portland's version, and laughed my ass off. [g] Esp. at some of the stuff on the main site (, such as the San Francisco police report and the Portland Police memo from past years.

And beware - the Vancouver one is the 16th. (verification word fgqcui? is Blogger trying to tell me something?)
I have had six wisdom teeth out. Yes, I actually grew extra wisdom teeth. I suppose I shoudl be a drooling moron after losing so much wisdom.

How's Japan doing?
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