Friday, December 29, 2006


It Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Lady Cooks

Giftmas is now officially over. I cooked.

Ben had to work on Christmas day, so Eleanor and I made the trek up to my parents' place for dinner but it just ain't the same as having your own. I could whine on forever about the dinner but it would make me feel like an ungrateful twat (which, of course, I am) so let me just say that tonight we were all at home, and we had turkey the way we like it, carrots and sprouts (again the way we like them), potatoes, gravy and so on.

And, somehow, demolished a box of creampuffs for dessert. Oops.

There are two pots of soup on the stove (courtesy of hubby), two big plates of turkey in the fridge, and life is good.

And now we can take down the damned decorations and get back to knitting, mmkay?

Sounds yummy! Something wrong with eating a box of cream puffs? Yes! De-decorate and knit!
Yes on the damned decorations! Ours are down already, so you won't be alone, I promise. Besides, knitting is SO much more fun ...
I say let hubby take down the decorations and you knit. I got so little knitting done in the month of December that it's making me majorly cranky.

And I agree with you on family food. My family is big on fried food, kielbasi, grease and microwaving. In fact, my mother (who I love dearly and in her defense had a lot on her metaphoric plate, given my alky dad) made Stovetop brand stuffing every Thanksgiving.
I do believe there's cause for much drinking and partying before you can take down the decorations.
But yes, Thank FSM for being able to cook the way you want to.
I can't wait to take my decorations down. Although someone just told me its bad luck to take down the tree before New Years. Does that still count if I think New Years is a big load of crap?
I used to use Twelfth Night as the marker for taking down decorations, just to have a firm date for it. It's around then (Jan. 6) that the days really get longer anyway.
Although I don't enjoy the task, de-decorating can't come soon enough for me. I've been snagging the odd item here and there for several days, putting things away at a trickle. Today though, I think I will clear out the remainder in one big "flush" (so to speak).
so, how much of those ginger chocolates are left?
Hah! I made 2 batches of cream puffs for the holidays, they didn't last the day, I got 1.
Oh yeah, take it all down, eat soup and turkey sammiches and knit,spin,dye,knit,relax, or whatever you want to do.
I always heard that the bad luck came with NOT takingthem down.

Ours come down tomorrow (or tonight if I stay up late).
There's nothing like doing your own celebratory cooking. Especially if you have in-laws. Even if they're good cooks, there's always something weird about the food! My MIL never put butter in the mashed potatoes. You had to add your own to your serving. Whothehell doesn't put butter in the mashed potatoes? It just ain't right. Who taught this woman how to cook? It took me about 5 years or so to get it through my husband's head that they aren't mashed potatoes if you don't make them with butter, you don't have to remind me every time, Mike, trust me - I KNOW! ;)

He finally learned to trust me on that. [g] Good thing, 'cause a Kitchen-Aid mixer to the head would've hurt. Those suckers are heavy.
It's supposed to be unlucky to take down decorations before the 12th day of Christmas...aka Jan. 6th! So knit away for the next couple of weeks, then worry about taking down the tree! :)
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