Tuesday, December 05, 2006


In Heat

No, not that sort of "in heat", you perverts. Although I wouldn't say no ...

But I digress.


I've just spent 24 hours without heat in my house and lemme tellya, it sucked. Sucked and blew, alternately. Who knew both were equally vile? I think I have a slightly better understanding of why I do all of this annoying do-goodery. We had hot (screaming hot!) water, a stove, a space heater, we were living indoors and had lots of blankets and a hot water bottle (which, despite what Jen wants her MIL to think, is a fairly common househould item) and still the whining was fairly extensive.

And mostly mine, really.

I can't think it's a lot more fun on the streets.

My furnace is working again and my washing machine never stopped, so I'm washing some more blankets to take down to the shelters (and ladies, if you don't cut it right the fuck out with the cheese-flavoured popcorn i'm going to have to get snippy. persnickety even. these blankets stink and my hydro bill is through the roof) and seeing I'm not working tonight (amazing, even people like me get vacation from time to time) I'm gonna get them Hats opened and photographed and maybe even make a list of the prizes; the drawings for which will start on Friday.

Right now I have to go pry a small sugar-crazed Muppet out of the bath and stick her in bed, and then maybe drink beer. Although that's what side-tracked me from the hats in the first place, isn't it? Shut up.

While you're waiting for these famous pictures to actually show up, how's about you go read this chickie? She's my new girlcrush, she is.

I'll be back in a bit.

Oh. I see why you like her.
You'd better hide that muppet quick, or she'll be the next to appear on the endangered species list...
Wanted to say hello.. found your post via Franklin, and am a fellow Vancouverite who has also been through the crappy water, had a day of frozen pipes (Dad said "leave a tap on overnight", landlord said "don't, I think it should be fine..".. Dad was right).. and, we'll be without heat next Monday when the landlords are replacing the furnace. I look forward to going to a cafe all day to knit in warmth somewhere.

Oh, and I'm enjoying the daily posts. I hope to get to that point sometime... kinda like I hope to get my first knitting podcast up by mid-December :)
You sound much better today, more like yourself! Glad to see it...
Sweet Jesus! A woman who could knit me a scarf AND get me drunk? And hails from British Columbia, one of the most beautiful places on earth?


Your place or mine, cupcake?
you fickle, fickle hussy. sigh.

I can't believe you've had unopened packages in the house for so long. I can't leave packages unopened, even if I know full well what's in 'em. I love packages. It's my inner Maria von Trapp tendencies.
Not unlike when our power went out last January.

For days!

No heat, no water.

You thought it was funny then, didn't you?
How dreadful. There's nothing sadder than an an ice-cold Rabbitch.

On the other hand, it must have kept a nice chill on the beer, no?
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