Saturday, December 23, 2006


In Case You Were Wondering

No, I'm not dead. I'm just trying to deal with the no sleep and the xmoose thingie.

I have finished objects! Yes, some of it is even The Christmas Knitting which I wasn't going to do, but I did.

And a product review. Bought some Clover Bamboo circs. Let's just say the review isn't favourable.

All will be revealed later, unless I end up face-down in my eggnog. But right now I'm going to the mall. Wish me strength.

If I don't come back, Ann gets my stash.

And where does Ann live?
Well damn, lucky Ann!
ewwww,the mall....hope you don't pick up any nasties...and spend tomorrow sick (as in Harlot's trip the other day and ending up sick)
and wash your hands
Be dauntless and then get your ass back home.
Lemme guess: the join on the Clovers sucks ass.

Good luck -- and hope you get to start having fun, hopefully with a LARGE glass of wine in your hand, sooner rather than later.
So you'll be face-down in the eggnog AFTER the trip to the mall, right?
And if I die first, rabbitch knows where the good yarn, the Addis, and the OOP Starmore books are.
Clover bamboo circs aren't all that bad--but the cable needs to be dunked in some hot water to unkink. The one and only time being kinky isn't fun....
Ann? Ann gets your stash?? sniff. you don't love me.
clover circs - ugh. It's the dull tips that bug me. Crystal Palace on the other hand...sigh. Much better.
Ann huh? Now I have to kill two people to get your stash. The things I do for yarn.
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