Monday, December 25, 2006


I Couldn't Be Prouder

Daughter woke me, late ... having opened her stocking and the two presents "I said she could open" (I didn't but she's six and couldn't resist). She was wearing the wristers she'd knit for herself.

She got a knitting machine thingie for xmoose. Opened the box, figured it out, made wristers (different lengths, different colours, holes, who cares?) and wore them to wake me up.

Dudes, I did something right.

May all of you have a day filled with this much joy.

Man alive, a Knew Knitter is born!
That is very, very fabulous.
I hope I am able to raise my (eventual) kids as well as you have clearly been raising yours.
That is so great! Smart girl.
A prodigy, ees true.
That's so amazing -- you must be so proud of her. 2007 is the year I will teach my granddaughter to knit so I hope for a similar moment of pride.

Linda in Maine
what a great way to wake up!
that is so frigging awesome! go little bunny!
She's already a knitter--on her way to being a mechanical AND crafting genius! Very cool!
Awww, that's fabulous!!
It's in the genes I tell you.
Fantastic! Will the budding knitter allow a photo for your blog?
Total wopjaw. You must be walking on air. Plus note, two - I can see it now, she'll be giving lessons on avoiding SSS later in life!
That is truly awesome. I, on the other hand, have a child who started knitting row #2 of his two-cornered hat (read: rectangle folded over) and said, "I want you to do all the work." And I can't find the coal for his stocking.

He did find a cool way to wear his magic scarf, though, that kind of looks like a Daniel Boone hat. So he gets points for that. But he is finishing his freaking two-cornered hat if it kills me. If it does, you have to split my stash with Dharma and I bet she'll fight dirty.
Hooray, Little Knitterbunny! And hooray for Rabbitch, too, whom I suspect is doing many, many things right.
Daaaaamn! That is amazing!
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