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Economic Awareness, Consciousness, Sensitivity!

It is to laugh. No really. I'm sitting here, shaking my head, wondering what in the purple screaming fuck some folks are thinking.

A yarn store owner who has a problem with Wendy's yarn diet:

posted, using those words and also a whole bunch of asterisks and ampersands and stuff that I think were supposed to stand for cusswords.

(note: real ladies aren't scared to write cusswords out in full. Even Franklin does it. He is now an honourary "lady". You're welcome. Remember to hold your pinkie out while you drink those boilermakers with Dolores.)

You see, a customer came into her store -- from the way she worded it, I got the impression that this wasn't someone she was familiar with, someone who came in weekly to spend half the food budget on yarn -- and said that she had to buy a lot of patterns because she was going to knit up her stash. Just one more week to buy yarn and then that was it for nine months.

This store owner asked her if she was doing the godawful sent-straight-from-the-bowels-of-hell-and-the-minds-of-those-who-wish-to-ruin-her "knit from your stash" thing, and the customer said yes.

The owner -- presumably in her post, and not to this poor lady's face -- then went rank, thanking Wendy yet again for trashing her business and said that she should think about things like "Economic Awareness, Consciousness, Sensitivity!"

OK, I can understand the panic of someone who sees her livelihood being threatened, but let's look at this for a minute. She took a fit because someone who was standing there buying things from her wasn't going to buy things from her. It's a little difficult to support a claim of lost business while listening to the jingle of the cash register, no? And last time I checked, patterns weren't cheap.

(note to Alanis, this is the meaning of "ironic". What you were singing about is nothing more than bad luck, bad judgement, bad timing and -- excuse me for mentioning it -- bad hygiene)

There have been "stats" bandied about (and did you know that 47.8% of all statistics are made up?) about there having been a 30% reduction in yarn sales. I did a little research, and although it was far from being an in-depth analysis, I discovered that in fact Michael's and Jo-Ann's and some of the larger chains had reported anything up to a 38% reduction in yarn sales over the first quarter of 2006 when compared to the same period last year.

My personal opinion is that this reflects the move of the general knitting populace away from acrylic and novelty yarns to a greater concentration on natural or "fine" fibres. There were no stats available from indies, as far as I know. I didn't sell a lot of wool last year, but I picked up a few bucks, and those had to come from somewhere. From what I understand, Felicia's gorgeous yarns sell like hotcakes (and rightfully so!) and Jacey has to battle the ravening hordes (HORDES, people, could you please keep your minds out of the gutter?) to keep a skein for herself now and again.

I think that the appearance of more and more independent retailers selling unique, one of a kind, quality items has perhaps taken a bite out of Big Brother (or Sister). Big Sibling will merely divest itself of revenue-negative items and expand into other areas. They'll survive. Don't cry for me Ike and Tina, and all of that.

From what I can see, there has also been a marked upswing in spinners who are actually MAKING their own yarn and therefore likely purchasing a little less manufactured yarn, but what of the sales in roving, batts, wheels, orifice hooks, niddy noddies, Woolee Winders, swifts, and all of that other stuff with deliciously pornographic names (and far more polite but no less delicious functions)?

There seems to me to be no lack of opportunity for the commercially astute.

So now I come to the point in my pompous oration rant diatribe opinion piece where I address the words in the title. Economic awareness, consciousness and sensitivity.

Economic Awareness, Consciousness, Sensitivity.

I don't think I need to say more about the rampant do-gooding that is close to my heart.

As I said, I can certainly understand discomfort when one is faced with a decrease in one's income but a) I don't think it's going to happen and b) I don't think the choice of words or the degree of panic is warranted under the circumstances.

So, dude, chill. Everyone who is doing this has "exceptions" to the rule. Wendy and La say that sock yarn isn't stash. Some folks are saying that baby stuff or gift stuff doesn't count. Stuff you buy for others doesn't count. Me, I have an "I'm too sexy for my stash" card once a fucking month. Plus my birthday thingie, and Wendy has one of those shortly also. I mean really. We're not putting anyone out of business. We're just using up some of our shit (while secretly thinking that you're a bit of a twat.)

Stock up on handspun instead of commercial yarns -- it'll sell. Stock up on patterns, sock yarn, spinning accessories. Dyes, maybe some roving, maybe some project pouches.

And more than that, take a fucking pill and get over it.

Here, the hell, here!
Yeah. I'm not buying yarn but I just forked out over 50 GBP for dye supplies and ordered over 2 kilos of undyed fibre.

And I'm still buying books.

Besides which bloggers are only a small part of the knitiverse.
And will someone please link me up to this gal so I can just see all the twattle! Goshallmighty!

Oh. And ... well ... right on. Rant on with your bad self. I love rants.
I love you, you are just so fucking eloquent in your posts, seriously, this post is great. I'm with you, patterns ain't cheap. Does she (said shop owner) not have any idea how powerful our word of hand is? I've thought the very same about the migrating of the fibre bucks, they're all still out there, if not in more numbers, just going to different folks.
Ms. K and I had exchanged emails, the subject being your bunniesnatch, ;) and I wrote to her that "Rabbitch has a mouth on her that would drop sailors to their knees begging either for mercy or lessons, and the heart and soul that would drop angels to their knees for the same."
Some people seem to go out of their way to have sandy vaginas, the visual ain't purty either. heh.
Someone who understands THAT LITTLE about business deserves not to be in it. I'm thinking she could find a rewarding career in the food service or janitorial industry. (BUT OMG, WHAT IF OPRAH GOES ON A DIET AGAIN OR THROWS HER OWN SHIT AWAY?!?!)
Anyway, it's not like Wendy is saying "Don't go to ZZZ shop because we want to put her out of business." Although it would be helpful, so I could make sure to avoid that shop and go somewhere to support REASONABLE people. (I do avoid a LYS here in town - a chain of two, actually - because the owner and all the staff I've met are raging bitches. They don't sell on the net, but if ever you come to Tucson, lemme know so I can steer you away.)
TNNA puts out a publication for members with the trends and forecasts.... having just joined I haven't looked at it in serious depth, but from what I recall, the TNNA member retailers' sales are UP! So I think you're right about the buying trending toward quality rather than faceless crappy stores that sell only acrylics with poor selection.
"(while secretly thinking that you're a bit of a twat.)" Love it, love it ... no secret now!

BTW, I didn't commit to this yarn diet, but I still knit from my stash whenever I want and my local yarn store isn't worried one bit. Oh ya, I just spent $57 there this week and $127 last week ... no wonder they aren't worried.
You know, people who whine like that about what a 'yarn diet' will do to them just make me want to avoid their stores. Besides, it's not like EVERYONE in the blogiverse has signed up for it. I haven't. Can't. No willpower. Especially after my LYS owner let me help with inventory last night so I now know EXACTLY what she has that I want, paid me (totally unnecessary coz I had a blast) with a hugely generous gift certificate, and feeds me booze every week at the SnB. No way I won't be spending my filthy lucre there.

And anyway. My stash is too small for respectability.
Re: made up statistics. I've also heard that there are three levels of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.
Rant on, Rabbitch. People like that drive me apeshit. In fact, the main reason I joined this yarn diet is because I read about the unreasonable yarn store bitch. Logic here: if everyone who's dieting has a big enough stash to do it...well, then, they DID spend an assload of money to acquire it. And if your business is dependent on those same people buying more yarn than they can use and never stopping to use it all up...well, I think there's a supply and demand problem you're not addressing, no?

p.s. I don't SECRETLY think she's a bit of a twat....
I totally agree. It scares the everloving shit out of me when Ike and Tina cry for me. I absolutely refuse to buy yarn for a dead guy, no matter how much he cries. Although for Tina...


I have mentioned, of course, that I love you, non?
I like the way said owner whines and whines about not getting anything yarn-related for xmoose and then lists all of the yarns people better not buy her because they're "icky."
I don't use the word Twat much (though after reading how well you utilize it I think I should use it a lot more) but I am more than willing to very publicly think she's a TWAT.

Having just spent ALL of my Christmas loot on yarn and a few knitting books, I can safely state that the various (individually owned) yarn sources I frequent are in NO danger of going bottom up as a result of anyone's yarn diet.

Fucking Fabulous post, Rabbitch, Like Lee Ann, I love you too.
alright, itgirl knows who 'said owner' is....who the fuck is it? I 'could' promise not to leave a nasty comment if someone will give her name up....heh....
What a shit that yarn shop owner is. Sounds like a woman local to me that had a shop blog and was trashing her customers left and right because they had the "nerve" to bring their children into the shop.
You know, I had decided to try to knit up some of my stash BEFORE Wendy mentioned it. Does that make me the instigator of the Great Conspiracy to Ruin All LYSs??
Oh, right, NO, because I am not, the last time I checked, Alan-Freakin'-Greenspan or some other such ecconomic luminary.
I reiterate something I say, and thing frequently: IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. We, the knitters of the world, have no obligation to bankrupt ourselves and fill our houses to overflowing in order to prop up the business of someone who clearly has no confidence in her own business abilities.
Like Marianne, I want to know "who the fuck is it?"!

Rabbitch, you really know how to tell it like it is! You go, girl.
Julie? you still waiting? yep, so am I....hee hee
I miss everything by going through bloglines and not reading comments. goddamn. I only go to a lys maybe once or twice a year and do most of my shopping online--Am I next for the twat store owner's wrath?
I know who the person is too...I looked her up when this thing first started to stink in Wendy's comments.

I looked at her store, and then read her blog. And that's the reason why I wouldn't buy anything from her. Her blog had a tone to it that I absolutely did not care for. Just as I won't shop in a brick and mortar shop where I don't care for the people who work there, neither will I spend money in an online shop for the same reason.

Also, the "sandy vagina" reference made me snort ginger ale out of my nose.
I'm trying to figure out what made me chortle the most about this post. I think it was the aside about Alanis Morisette. Every time that fucking song comes on, I start screaming "Isn't it merely unfortunate!!"

Now I'm off to revise my business plan for 2007 to reflect the sharp decrease in yarn sales that is likely to put me out of business. ;)
rabbitch rocks!
Tara and Marianne:

Wendy seems to have removed the original post.

Look under the comments on Wendy's blog for December 16, 2006. Pay particular attention to the 2nd last search.

Then do a google that includes the name, the state, and the word "blog". You may also need to include the word "yarn" in the search.

I would say she's not trying to hide.
I have removed all comments by the twat in question from my blog. and as of an hour ago, she's still posting chirpy comments to my blog (which annoys me because I thought I successfully banned her).

The funniest thing is that when I emailed after her first comment she responded to me via email that if she didn't own a yarn shop, she'd be right there with me in the knit from your stash idea because, in her own words, the size of her stash is "sick."

Jeezus jumping Christ on a silver pogo-stick. This woman isn't merely a twat. She's fucking psycho. I agree with wen and itgirl on their points, too. She reminds me of a couple people I knew a few years ago - memememe, and constantly snipe at anyone available. Of course, this is merely all in good fun, and if anyone gets upset, well rilly, they're just too sensitive. But say one word against them-- Oooh, everyone's so nasty, and I'm such a nice person!

I suggest a strait-jacket and Thorazine. Lots of Thorazine. Although personally, I think a stungun would be more fun. ::snerk:: And I don't even read Wendy's blog! ;)
Yeah, I'd assumed you'd deleted her posts and probably banned her. Can't say as I blame you.

That she made a comment like that IS amusing.

Oh, and I meant "second-last COMMENT", not "second-last search".
'Someone' else left her addy on my blog in the comments...I went, I read, and read, did NOT leave a comment...but have to agree that she is a tad unstable to say the least, and just outright fucking whackonut, to the I dare say it...I worry about that toddler she has. yep, I said it, if anyone else goes to hell too, that be me torching away over in the corner, come on over, we'll raise a little more hell. sorry, Rabbitch, this has been a funny can of worms we've all been playing with, eh?
She's just not thought it all through, kind of like george w. down here in the u.s. of a.
Rabbitch, you really do rock, hard.
Rock on Sister! What a bee-otch. Like we're going to be able to hold to a yarn diet, anyway. Jeez! That verbal customer was only telling her what people say in their heads every January, and I myself, anyway, haven't organized a military force to make sure people are enforcing the knit-from-the-stash rule. Oh, and by the way? Wasn't it nice of us to buy all that stinkin yarn when we didn't really need it? She can thank us for the extra income when she didn't really have it coming to her.
I liked the button, so I'm doing the stash-along, too. The difference is that I've got serious budget restrictions right now, so I was going to knit from my stash ANYWAY. And if I do buy yarn, it'll probably be sock yarn ANYWAY. And no one can convince me that I was going to buy from that particular LYS or that she's really concerned about all LYS's instead of just herself.

Maybe someone could convince the Great And Powerful Wendy to post something in her blog (with a button to make it official) that encourages people to shoplift from yarn stores. Or spit big loogies into malabrigo.

Just to give that lady another heart attack.
I think the cuntbag is seriously overestimating the willpower of all the knitters participating. Even if a fraction of the knitters that shop at her store participate, how many of them will fail? Not to be my usual negative self but I'm guessing a lot. She'll be fine as long as she takes that size 17 out of her ass.
Is that LYS owner insane? Since Wendy came up with the (great) idea to knit from our stashes (to actually make room for more fabulously fibery fun), I believe that I personally have spent the equivalent of at least one house-payment on "Last-minute stash enhancement" know, the yarn for projects that you simply must knit in 2007! And any creative yarnivore can come up with so many exceptions, as to make the "KFYS" designation meaningless, unless it applies to the crappy acrylic that this woman's LYS probably sells! That's probably it! :)
Speaking of "made up", I'm raising the bullshit flag on that little anecdote. She just *happens* to pitch a bitch at Wendy, then raise a fishysmelling stink on her own blog about how she's going to be crippled and then LO AND BEHOLD in waltzes a customer who's very conveniently illustrating just why this idea is so wrong? The shit of a bull, a horse, several llamas, some ducks and an entire herd of mice, I say. I'm not participating in the stash thingie because I did that all last year due to a serious lack of incoming yarn dollars, but if it *does* put this whackjob on the dole, it's a doubly wonderful idea.
Well said Rabbitch!!!!!
The Twat just oughta know that we're all not going to last on this "knit from the stash" thing past February anyway, and quit worrying. The only one who might need to worry is my UPS man, who might be out of a job if I quit ordering yarn. Oh yeah, there's the wine orders. Never mind.
"Don't Cry For Me Ike and Tina"? Is that really a song?? ;-)
Anyone dying to see the blog entry in question can go to google blog search and search by the title of this entry. It's one of the first few that show up.

I'm not doing the stashalong, officially, but have been organizing my stash so I can use some of the faboo stuff I do have. No commitment, just some good intentions.
I love you Rabbitch, will you marry me???
Well said!
This is a great post, articulate, well argues, funny, pointed....hat you said.

Also I'm really behind, but Happy New Year.
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