Sunday, December 03, 2006


Bet You Thought I Couldn't Keep it Up

The post-a-day thingie, I mean.

Well, I'm betting you're right, however seemingly I'm going to try for a few more days.

The final hat count isn't in yet because I got busy playing trivia on IRC and drinking beer and I just didn't do it because I suck, so hopefully I'll get on that tonight. Although I'm at work, and so is my hubby, and he gets home an hour before I do and is making me a big pot of pasta. And the kid is out for the night. So um, maybe not.

Because as everyone knows, pasta is one of the best aphrodisiacs there is (or is it just me?)

Even though I'm at work, I had to write this post to bring to your attention the results of a recent study by the folks at We Feel Fine. Now seemingly I can't open this at work, which is most irritating, but apparently they have surveyed billyuns of blogs from all around the world and have reported on how everyone in each province is feeling and apparently the folks in BC are the most angry.

Which is blatantly untrue.

And that just pisses me off.

Oh, and I'm pretty miffed that my potato chips, which I am currently (not) enjoying with my sandwich, seem to be stale. Just thought I'd mention it.

i suspect that my blog may have skewed the stats somewhat. because it's all about me, right? please tell me it is or i'll be really mad

Hello Rabbitch, Dear. I finally made it over here and did not see one mention of my little contest that you heartily played in! Silly lady, how you found the time to play and do all that other stuff you talked about in September, I don't know!! I barely found the time to run the contest and didn't have time for ANYthing else, lemme tell you.

I'll be checking on you from time to time. If you know where I can get a good pattern to sew fleece hats, I'd dig that.

P.S. Don't pay any attention to the time stamp of this comment, I know it isn't really the middle of the night... really.
Any dinner I didn't have to cook makes me *hot*.

Just saying.
Ha, posted one too many asshat rant posts, didja?
So much for those calm Canadians. They're just about to go postal on us (not that I would really blame you, considering how postal I'd like to get on certain world leaders, mmhmm?)
Um, not. coherent. today. Sorry.
Maybe they did just look at yours. I'll tell ya one thing, they sure must have left Florida out. I mean these folks are pissed when they're in a good mood.
Of course I had faith you would keep up the post a day. And yes, my dearest lovely Rabbitch, it *is* all about you.
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