Sunday, December 31, 2006


2006 In Review

Read the freakin' archives.

You're welcome.

next: 2007 resolutions

Ha! Good one!

Just wondering, I'm reorganizing my blog subs and am wondering... Would you put Norma under Shits and Giggles or Classy? :)
A woman after my own heart ... well said/done!

Happy New Year!!!
OMG, I love the way you think. LOL!

Happy New Year—may you be blessed with all good things in 2007.
Thanks for such an awesome recap. I knew there was a reason why I kept coming back :-)

Happy 2007!

LOL. Happy New Year, you!
happy freakin' new year to rabbitch!

love ya, babe!

PS - I signed up for wendy's KFYS 2007 cause (1) I have no room for a stash, (2) I have 9 projects calling my name already, (3) 2006 threw me many financial setbacks from which I have not yet recovered, and (4) it's just wrong to be a consuming glutton of anything [not just yarn].

just sayin'...
Pretty funny! I actually blabbed about things...the blog is 3 months new...still organizing it all. And good rant on the knit from your stash thing!
I just read a year in 1 second! Damn, you're good.
Better than silence (my choice).


Someone should suggest this to newpapers and TV stations...

Happy New Year!
Amen! Happy New Year!
Well said!
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