Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Y'all Rock

I made it to the Downtown Eastside today. Six blankets and 15 hats have found new homes. More will go when I can actually get there again. Tomorrow or Friday, perchance.

And then the snows started again this afternoon. You made a difference -- thanks.

i was going to save all of the hats so i could take a picture of "the big wall o' hats" and then figured that was nothing but hubris, while people are freezing on the streets, so you'll just have to imagine it

Yes, better than they be on heads and not on a wall, even better there are no heads on a wall.
I was going to add some hats to your drive, but there appears to be some regulation that you have to take all packages that are going to another country to the post office and hand them over in person. It does not count if you hand it to the mailperson at your mailbox. It took them a week to send them back to me and let me know. Fuckers.

I guess a soft squishy envelope addressed to Rabbitch could be dangerous to national security. I can't wait to drive again.
No, YOU rock!!

Thanks for not waiting ... much better to warm cold heads right away, than to see a photo of them all together on a wall ... although, the photos are fun, too ...

Thanks for letting us be part of making a few folks warmer this winter!
Hi there
Thanks for posting a picture of the hats and bears. After spending Sunday and Monday in your snowy weather, I'm glad to hear that the hats have now found heads to keep warm. I hear we are getting freezing rain and snow here tomorrow - oh joy!
take care, and get some rest.
Lise (still blogless)
Rabbitch, I lurve you so....
Seems you're the one rockin' there! No one would have done it without you. Unless random hat making and mailing is a normal thing.
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