Saturday, November 04, 2006


Wouldn't It Be Nice?

It would be so nice if we could store up sleep and then after a day like yesterday where I got 10 hours or so of sleep, if a day like today where I got maybe three hours of broken sleep followed, then we could sort of balance it out and go "whoa, almost 7 hours a day, that's good!"

It would be especially helpful on days when the family decided to do an emotional rollercoaster thing on me. I have toxic parents; we might as well just deal with that. My father decided to give me a lecture (completely unfounded) about something which ended up with me in tears and hating them a lot, and then after I had consigned them both to Hades my mother called to apologize, as half of the mess had been of her making.

I just remind myself that they're old. And I'm tough.

Speaking of tough, I have a houseful of children right now, which is why you're getting this sort of post instead of the trip update I promised. Clearly I lied. Again.

If I can medicate them enough get them to go to bed early enough, there shall perhaps be a "real" post. And about 8 more sets of stitch markers, too.

And Koala Twat wool. Which I think I might just call Bright Blue Surprise or something, seeing not only the folks who read this blog look at the wool page.

next up: the stripping, the spinning, and nobody remembers a thing about finland

I feel for you and the toxic parent situation. Been there. All I can say is that the situation works itself out. Since you (hopefully) will outlive them....
Feeling your pain, Rabbitch. My parents are quite interesting folks as well(and if by "interesting", I mean totally f-ing crazy and trying to take me to crazyland with them....well, you know). Know that I'm thinking warm thoughts your way. And by the way, would love to be able to say I'd purchased some Koala Twat wool.....
Whadda ya mean we can't store sleep? It's the only thing that keeps me semi-functional after I've been up for 30 hours.
Oh my poor dear Rabbitch. They are old. Clearly they have been mad (as in crazy - remember my post!) for a very long time. Well I'm just guessing, I mean you are their daughter right. Anyway I digress, I am so sorry they drove you to tears but I think you might want to keep that spot in Hades reserved. Just in case.
Yes, still waiting for a comment about Finland - I am Finnish
Families - they really suck sometimes!
I feel your parent trap pain. Yeah, old...that's why they call folks like us "middle aged" Parents from (or should be sent to hell) on one side, and on the other, kids (who should or want us to be sent to hell). I still favor the Koala Twat color, just sayin.
Ah, yes, parents. My husband's and mine are all gone to their reward (whatever that may have been; I'm not even gonna try to guess). We love 'em, we hate 'em, they drive us crazy, and then they are gone.

The scary thing is that someday, our own children will no doubt be saying the same thing about us.
My sympathies, I am way too familiar with the toxic parents and the getting lectured by your father when you are way too damn old to get lectured, especially on things they know nothing about, and especially when they talk to you like you're 14. Mine could tell me I was wrong about things on which he had no information at all! He'd been retired for 30 years, but he knew more about my career than I did! Oh, and I bought the "wrong" vacuum cleaner ten years ago and heard about it last year.

Mine passed away in June, and toward the end of his life I guess I finally got smarter, or he got too tired to pontificate. Tou are a grownup no matter what he says, and it's not you, old people are not all sweet and full of wisdom, and some of us get the PITA variety. ;-)
YOu know as folks age, it seems whatever personaily traits become more so. It's hard, but really what can you do, except not let it get to you. Btw left turn in topic. I won your sock yarn at franklins knit in Thank you! I can't wait to use it.
I really feel for you and your toxic parents situation. Even my uncle (my mom's only brother) agrees that she's toxic. I gave up long ago and now I only speak to her when absolutely necessary. I'm happier that way. I wish you strength.
As for the sleeping, I so envy how little you can live on. Even before I got sick I need 8.5 to function well -- and that was down from the 9.5 I needed in college. It always drove me crazy that others literally had more life lived than I did, since I needed so much sleep. Alas...

As for toxic parents, I know quite a bit about that. I'm sorry you had to deal with it and glad your mother called to apologize (that never ever happened to me -- and since she died a few years ago, i'm guessing it's not going to happen. In the meantime, I have discovered it actually is possibly to slightly retrain a toxic parent when things are as bad as they can be and you must live with him. Everyone told me it couldn't happen, but since I knew so much of his toxicity came from his bullshit, I knew it was possible to alter it in some ways, although of course not all. And of course, the real damage was done so very long ago.

Anyway, here's to more sleep! (Which I must log off and do)

Sorry this is so long. As you know, I'm a rambler.
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