Friday, November 03, 2006


Wherein We Lie About the Updates

Smallperson let me sleep all day. It was amazing. It has, however, put me about 8 hours behind on my plans for world domination cleaning the house.

The horrible fiscal news has been reduced in impact by about 2/3 (whew!) so there will be a little more merriment here Ch├ęz Lapin, however the knitting from stash thingie will still be a given for the next year or so.

You're going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what we were doing for Finland, however in the meantime, you may find this information about wine gums interesting. And delicious.

Hrm. Maybe I'll buy a couple of packages and send them out as hat prizes ...

And now, off to work. And to make more stitch markers. I got two more sets made last night and I had three or four sets hanging about the house, so there should be a substantial update this weekend. Along with Koala Twat wool and whatever horrible name I come up with for the purple wool.

(And can anyone believe that I've stretched the tale of the Seattle trip out for almost a week now and we haven't even arrived at TMK's house, which in reality happened about four hours into the visit ...)

next up: i become an exotic dancer. the dogspit. and finland. and wasn't there to be spinning also?

World domination may be easier than cleaning my house. I'll have to think that through.
Oh boy, dogspit.
Thank you for the link for Wine Gum, I had absolutely no idea what you were speaking of. Not that I *really* know now, but I can feign brilliance on the subject now.
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