Thursday, November 30, 2006


To Whoever Is Responsible For This Weather

You can stop now.

And by the way, you owe me a new ass. Or actually, you could take away the third cheek that I seem to be growing after falling down my own damned front steps and smashing into one of them.

I'm fine. Just bruised and feeling stupid, especially seeing I was thinking "Oh, I'll just take the garbage out and then I'll shovel all that shit off the stairs, seeing some of the people who visit me may well be clumsy and fall down on my front stairs.

And maybe bruise their ass."

Thanks In Advance.

and aren't you relieved that there are no photos?

holy smackdown, girl - glad to hear you're ok - I broke my elbow doing just that a few years ago. This weather - pissing me off too. This is what I moved *away* from!
If you can take a picture of your own buttcheeks, I salute you for your amazing flexibility and mad camera skillz. I'm sorry about the fall, I hope it feels better soon.

It's STILL snowing up in BC? Geez, that shit melted days ago here. It hardly stuck to the ground, got maybe a millimeter. Ha ha, frozen north!
I didn't do it! Hope your "third" departs soon. I find the worst part of those episodes is the did anyone see me factor;)
No. I am not relieved at all. Hey, did my package reach you? I can't find the little tracking slip thingy to check. Which is a pity because I quite enjoy the obsessive complusive checking several times a day after you mail a package part.
I actually broke my ass once when I slipped on some ice and crashed down upon it. And let me tell you that while you may never notice your coccyx, it turns out it's a pretty damn big influence on the rest of your body.

It went from 80 to 27 here in less than 24 hours. I am Not Pleased.
I'm sorry you broke your ass. But a third cheek could be kinda sexy. Snort!
Can you put a hat on your extra ass to keep it warm, at least?
Proving yet again (see entry for November 29) that no good deed goes unpunished. . .
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