Saturday, November 25, 2006


Things to be Thankful For

For Which to be Thankful, even.

I know it's not Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North. In fact it's not even Thanksgiving in the Southern Provinces any more. I imagine a great wasteland (waistland?) of turkey leftovers, pie plates with nothing left but a few crumbs of crust, the occasional forgotten yam, and a great loosening of the belts as everyone dozes through to Monday, waking occasionally to slurp down another turkey sandwich.

Yes, I know you don't slurp sandwiches, but the mass consumption thingie always starts out appealing to me and then half-way through I get all grossed out, so slurping it is. I think I'm managing to have, like, three eating disorders all at once, so please indulge me here. Or don't. That's fine too. (I'm very hard to please, as you can tell).

So even if it isn't the Official State-and-Church-Sanctioned-Time-of-the-Giving-of-Thanks, there are a number of things for which I am very thankful, and I just thought I'd make a list of 'em here.

1. I do not have neighbours like My Gimpy Friend does. In fact my closest neighbours consist of a quiet family of three, for whom I have baked (anyone who knows my cooking habits knows exactly how highly I think of them, just from those five words). I've known the wife for about 10 years, and the hubby is the sort of boy who, if you mention that you'd like to borrow a screwdriver, comes leaping out of the house with 23 for you to choose from and then offers to do the repair himself.

Hm. I think it's time to bake again. He fixed my wonky car battery the other day ...

The rest of the neighbours are: a house and a double-wide full of a young-ish, not-too-horribly-noisy assortment of mostly boys and a couple of dogs, a log cabin with a quiet woman and a dog, and another house with a family of quiet artists. I don't know anyone else on my street (they're all far enough removed that they're hardly even neighbours) but you can be assured they're mostly quiet. And would come running if I had trouble, rather than being the ones who created the trouble themselves.

2. Although we seem to still be under a boil water advisory, bottled water is cheap (64 cents for a litre and a half), I have a car to haul said water, and beer, being made with water that is both filtered and boiled, is safe.

3. The hats, the hats, the glorious hats. I've got well over 100 here now and after I feed the 900 children I seem to have here again (how the hell does that keep happening?) I shall, as requested, photograph all of them. It takes about 20 minutes to upload one picture (yes, seriously) so they may not ALL be up tonight, but for those who have enquired, please rest assured they will all be there before the end of the weekend.

4. My family. This shouldn't be in fourth position but I'm just sort of writing off the top of my head here and there isn't a lot of editing going on.

Although I complain about Mr. Assmuppet, he has never missed a day of work in the years we've been together (once I can get him to work, that is, but nevermind), he hands me his paycheck unopened (I don't know if he even knows how much he makes) and he's a really good daddy, if not so much with the housework and stuff. He never finished 9th grade (went into the Marines instead) and is now, on top of working four days a week, taking two more courses towards the third year of a university degree.

Y'all know how perfect my daughter is. I need mention little more about it.

5. The Wool. 'nuff said.

6. All of you. Thank you. You know what for.

We should all make a list like this at LEAST once a month; might make us more grateful for what we DO have ...

Can't wait to see the hats ... 100 sounds wonderful!
Wait, wait, the deadline is Dec. 1, right? I have 3 hats waiting to be mailed on Monday. They'll miss out on your photo op, but they will still keep somebodies' heads warm.
You're welcome.

(And for the record, I am very thankful for you. And so should be many of the people I interact with regularly--you've kept me from killing them.)

I'm also thankful for you Rabbitch.. as my vocabulary of swear words has broadened since meeting you.. hee hee!
I am thankful to have met you. I know NO ONE who can put their thoughts down as eloquently as you ;)
And thank YOU, for far more than you imagine. (Although I don't know you well, just a bit through the blog, I am quite sure that you underestimate how much you mean to others and how much your geneorisity of spirit and time means to many of us.

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