Monday, November 27, 2006


There You Go

A slightly better picture of the hooks, all in a row. I'll still try to scan them later. For now, I'm getting me some sleep.

Yay, now I know what an orifice hook is! How exactly do you use it? I'm loving learning stuff here...
Hi Rabbitch! Greetings from the deep South. (Portland. I nearly committed something unladylike first time I read that. Oh, bog. I'm with you on heatwaves.) New reader here. Finally made it over here this weekend after months of snerking at your comments on both Steph and Franklin's blogs. Got caught up. Now in recovery. Any bright ideas how I explain laughter-induced injuries to my doctor? Neat idea on the hooks!
I'm reading your blog and all the nablopomo blogs I bookmarked with google reader so even if you don't see me here on your hits your message is coming to me as a surprise. Just so you know. ;) These look great! My favourite is the blue, silver and burgundy one. ;)
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