Monday, November 27, 2006


Snowed In!

We've gotten something bizarre like 6" of snow overnight, and Her Majesty isn't going to school today. The school itself may be open, but we live down at the bottom of the hill ... and it's way up at the top of the slippy, slippy, slippy hill.

I'd likely get out of my driveway, and possibly out of my street although it remains unploughed, however there's no way I'd get up the hill.

Having decided, last night, that she wasn't going in, and also having decided that I'd like to pay my gas bill so that we can have heat, I stayed up all night making stuff. Orifice hooks, to be exact. And I have given them very very sexy names.


orifice hook number one. polymer clay set with green and clear glass beads. braided brass hook. fits the orifice of an Ashford Traditional, so I'm assuming it'll fit most wheels. the clay is slightly greyish, which makes me think i overcooked it, which is weird because the one in the oven at the same time was fine, but there you go.

orifice hook number two (are you sensing a trend here?). burgundy and clear glass beads, stainless steel wire hook.

orifice hook number three. polymer clay handle set with blue glass and silver something or other (but it didn't melt so it's not plastic) beads. stainless steel wire hook.

orifice hook number four. polymer clay handle set with orange and clear beads. stainless steel wire hook. That "trough" near the end is for tying wool or a ribbon around it so you can hang it. can't believe i didn't think of that earlier.

orifice hook number five. clay, stainless steel, bla bla, burgundy and clear glass beads.

orifice hook number six. clay, steel, bla bla, and a lot of different-coloured beads that i thought looked well together

orifice hook number seven. amber, orange and clear beads.

hook eight. blue, silver and burgundy beads

hook nine, orange and clear glass beads

hook ten. blue, red and clear beads

Man I wish the pictures were better because really, they're pretty, and the hooks are nowhere near as wonky as they look. I may try to scan them tomorrow, seeing it's doubtful anyone's going to want to buy 'em from these photos. (If you do, lemme know, they're $16cdn each plus $4 shipping and handling).

And I wound up some wool that I dyed quite a long time ago:

There are two skeins of this available, but you should be aware that it's dyed with Logwood, which is beautiful but not particularly colourfast (and it would have been so nice if they had told me when I bought it). It'll come off a bit on your hands and if you make socks with it you'll have little purple feet. And I wouldn't wash it with your whites if I were you.

And now it's late and I'm frozen. Being creative (and being up all night) will do that to you. I'm heading to the bath and then bed.

Three more days before I can stop this bonkers post-a-day thingie!

The yarn is such a pretty blue too. Too bad about the bleeding tho. I got knit markers from you once (with claw latch) and they're my favorites.

Stay warm!
Yo! I have to hit "control R," and then I get to see your present post. What a strange thing. I'll try adding you to my blog list again, but this may be the way I have to go for now till I talk to my geek friend. I scored 91% on that high school test, and then went on to score 100% on the grammar one. Yay!!! Lovely orifice hooks. Isn't picture taking annoying?
They're pretty enough to make me wish I spun!

And my verification word is naughty!
Darn, I was hoping you were going to keep doing this "post a day" thing forever; I love finding posts here each day!
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