Friday, November 10, 2006



That's Sliver Moon Farm, not silver. I'm blaming it on the wool fumes. Or the fact that I was sick and had been spending far more time in the bathroom than I'm willing to share (floo, almost gone, taking tonight off work and I'll be fine tomorrow).

Or maybe that I was anticipating the three-hour root canal I had done this morning.

Whatever. I'm a dolt and I apologize to Kay. The fibre is gorgeous, as you can see.

As for the root canal, anyone who has horror stories about them clearly is going to the wrong dentist. Or has the wrong teeth or something. I had not a minute of pain, and even now when the freezing has worn off, I'm a little tender, that's it.

Y'all live anywhere near here and need a good dentist, drop me a line.

And now to either clean the house, or maybe just crawl in the bathtub and sleep for a couple of hours.

my root canal horror story doesn't stem from pain, but from the 3+ hours I had to lay there with my mouth open not talking.

Gee, THANKS a lot, Dr. Monk! Friggin OCD Dentist from hell
See, my experience was the same as yours--the only part I didn't like was that they cleaned out the canal with a bleach solution. I couldn't taste it, but I could smell it and be afraid that I would taste it...which was nearly as good.
At least I'm not the only nutty one. I had zero problems with my root canals. I actually had 2 at the same time. Whenever I tell someone not to be afraid to have one done cause the pain before had is like a million times worse than the actual root canal they act like I'm insane (no comments). Of course I had a wacked out dentist that used so much numbing stuff that I couldn't feel my face for 2 days. hehe
I didn't have any horror stories with mine either. It was the mouth wide open ache after the novacaine wore off that was annoying.
Yup - if you really need a root canal, having one done is a relief! It is a long time to spend with your mouth open, and it makes my TMjoint ache, but it's all for a good cause. (And I'm so glad to know I'm not alone feeling this way!)
I guess I should plan on moving before dental work. I highly suggest nap over housework anyday. The housework will still be there but you'll never relive those precious hours you coulda napped.
Definitely nap. Though I prefer a bed, even a couch to the tub. But I'm funny that way.
Root canal - I'm sure it really depends on the tooth. My first one was a 5 visit root canal from hell. I was anticipating the same from my 2nd, which ended up a one visit procedure that was almost bliss (as much as a visit to the endo-specialist can be bliss). Same specialist, same reasons for the root canal ('dead' tooth, no infection, no real pain before) just different teeth with very different roots.

Sorry, didn't want to scare anyone who has had no probs with a root canal, but just like births, no 2 are the same. Back to lurk mode.
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