Sunday, November 05, 2006


Ooh, It's That Day Again!

Guy Fawkes Day. I think I'm going to celebrate by blowing up my house. It's gotta be easier than cleaning it.

You have got to be kidding! I just tried reading that link to figure out the what or why of Guy Fawkes Day, and OMG. I realize it's after 11pm and I'm tired after fighting with my lacevember project (see post tomorrow) but criminy woman. Now I have to actually look it up myself.
Yes, we've been getting shot at for 2 days now... Gotta love living on a hill, we got to watch all of the fireworks in Brighton I think!
Oh, I know that feeling! Before we moved, we kept wishing for burglars or a natural disaster so we wouldn't have to sort and sell and haul. (With enough advance warning to remove the stash from the premises, of course.)
CRAP! I just spent this entire weekend cleaning/straightening/scrubbing my house (no I'm not obsessive, it was THAT bad). You mean I could have blown it up?
ok, i'll bite. what is guy fawkes day? is that anything like sadie hawkins day?
Yeah, but just remember all the hell you went through to GET this house... is a few minutes of gratification (although it would be REALLY cool!) really worth going through all that again??
But it would only be a temporary fix. I myself, would rather knit! So forget the housework.
Just remember to gather up the children before you light the fuse...or at least YOUR child. Husbands optional.
Ha! I know exactly how you feel. Years ago my husband and I shared a house with 6 other people; said house had a small, 1-car garage, so my husband, the shade-tree mechanic, rented a double garage from someone who lived down the street. One night an arsonist burned it down. Although we lost a canoe and a couple waiting-to-be-worked-on cars, husband admitted the whole thing was rather a relief; now he didn't have all those projects hanging over him. We did miss the canoe, though.

Lots of half-completed projects (not knitting, either -- construction/fixing) now, too. Any arsonists-on-call out there?
I have to agree 100% Let's just blow up the damn house and all will be right in the world - lol
Let's have our own holiday for knitters who blow up their houses instead of cleaning. I can see the pictures now of knitters in the front yards surrounded by their stashes of yarn and their houses in ruins all with the same triumphant cry of "The house is now clean!".
I totally agree with you and Opal.


If you're blowing up things...I'm driving up to watch. I'll bring large cardboard boxes for temporary housing too.
What? You expended so much energy to get it.
More children, that's what you need. They love cleaning up. Might take a few years though.
Would Sadie Guy Fawkes day mean that girls get to blow things up?
My dad was complaining about all the junk my mom (and he) had collected in their house. I asked him what he would do if he ever had to move. He looked at me with a straight face and said, "Ah, hell, I'd just burn the place down." I think he was joking, maybe.
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