Tuesday, November 07, 2006


OK, So I Can't Count

As we all know, I cannot count. Apparently I cannot count past three, which really explains a lot. Anyhow, I have either 36 or 37 hats and I've updated the hats page. I've put the address in the sidebar, too, so that nobody yells at me any more. *g*

And now, seeing I have so much time (my babysitter arrives in two hours, the living room looks like god threw up in there, I don't believe I've had a shower today, the bathroom is unspeakable, the dishes are all dirty and I think the laundry situation is such that I may be going to work in a bedsheet-toga) I shall continue with the endless Dulaan-Seattle-Knit-In-Saga. Because you mean that much to me.

And because I'm a bit of a pig, it would seem.

and finally what may, if there is any justice in the world, be the last instalment of this tale

I wandered aimlessly about the streets of Seattle for a while and finally made it to TMK's house, about five minutes after a shaken and rather-upset Ryan had reached the door. Everyone rejoiced as if I were the second coming of Christ, and quite frankly, the Seattle ladies having set that standard of greeting I would appreciate it if all of you would follow suit, should we meet in future. I could get used to that.

As I entered the house I noticed that TMK had a handful of money, and so immediately assumed that I was the evening's entertainment and proceeded to strip in the doorway. After I had bared but one shoulder they informed me that it was pizza money and that I wasn't required to make my debut as Chunky Bouclé, which I have always claimed that I would use as my stage name.

Later that evening we decided that I should have a motto. I think that's where the "Doing it for Finland" came along. Nobody's too clear on this point (and we were all sober, too!). It just somehow seemed appropriate. I think the thought was that if someone can strip for Jesus then I could do it for Finland but I've emailed everyone involved and nobody can remember exactly why we picked on Finland. I suppose I'll have to write a note of apology now.

After I collapsed in the recliner, Frankie -- the cutest dog in the world -- decided she needed to get on my knee. I'm pretty sure she could tell I was still shaking from my near-death experience and there was liberal distribution of dogspit all over my hands and face. It helped.

And I guess this story's going to have to go one more chapter, seeing I have 25 minutes to get ready and get my ass out the door to work. And I still haven't had that shower thingie or made my lunch.

Next time I take on a post-a-day thang I'll make sure I do it when I have enough time to edit stuff, too. I'm pretty sure this is all jumbled up.

and how many days are there in november? couldn't we have done this post-a-day dealie in february?

No kidding about that post a day business.. its day 7 and already I started stumbling about for a post topic. Check back on day 14.. I'll be babbling about the various types of dirt in my carpet or some such nonsense.
It would have been far to simple and made your life waaay too easy to do this February. See what you've done? Made it harder for the rest of us.
You're almost halfway there. Keep posting!
I had some stories in October, so you inspired for me to do this in November. Now - I got nothing. I had nothing on Day 3. I feel your pain.
It is very cold in Finland right now - my cousin said they have between 5 - 10cm of snow already.

You might want to do it for Finland in the summer, when it is nice!!!
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