Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The Lying Continues, and I Still Don't Get To the Bit With the White Truck

Clearly I'm not at all well, as I seem in a fit of drunkenness to have signed up for NaBloPoMo. I do believe that my ability to make a fairly-uneventful 18-hour visit into five or six link-laden posts is going to stand me in good stead for the rest of this month.

Be prepared for rambling. (i sort of should have said that just over two years ago, shouldn't i? in fact i may have but i'm too lazy to go read my own archives)

So, where were we? Arriving in MaryB's living room, I do believe.

I walked in and was greeted by many faces, both familiar and new. And cats. Cats which I managed to pat. I haven't touched a cat (apart from the strange bag of bones that lives with my parents) since The Great Ripping-Away of My Beloved Cats From My Aching Arms (tm) which happened late April/early May of this year, so it was nice to find that I didn't burst into hysterical tears. I'm going to be avoiding them again for a while, though; it was sort of tough. No reflection on the cats, who were very cool.

MaryB, being very organized and the consummate hostess, immediately recognized my urgent need for caffeine. I think the fact that I burst into the room stating loudly "I will commit outrages for coffee!" gave her her first clue.

She said I didn't have to do anything at all for the coffee. I suspect she has read my blog and was scared of what outrages I might come up with. Frankly, I was a little disappointed, as I haven't committed a good outrage in days.

TMK was there with her amazing tofu pie. She fetched me some and sat and watched, intently, to see if I made "tofu face". I did. It's delicious. There was also some gorgeous bananananana bread made by "the good twin" from Yarn Girls, They Do Get Wooly. (i didn't even realize who these ladies were until after the event and i felt like such a tit.)

I'm a total dork in crowds, and was frantically hoping nobody would notice that I was trying to blend into the woodwork. While speaking loudly, being strange and wearing underpants on my head. Apparently I'm a little unclear on the concept of "unobtrusive".

I have it in my head that all women who are involved in fiber and who live in Seattle are lesbians, and so when I saw these two ladies walking around I thought, "Oh, they stand very close together and finish each other's sentences and stuff and both say 'we' a lot so they must have been together for a long time." Then I noticed that they in fact look pretty much identical and figured out that they had probably been together from the very start, although not quite in the way that I had been thinking.

(this in no way makes them Unlesbians but i think they're married. to men. so you know my theory here is getting some really big holes in it and i'm going to have to rework it. all of the women in seattle who knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye, etc. and who are wondering if they are lesbians, please stand by -- i'll get back to you by the end of the week)

Anyhow, so we were hanging out in the kitchen and the "evil twin" said to me "oh, we love your blog" and my face turned red. Yes, it would appear that I still have the capacity to blush. I think I also apologized to them for my blog. I'm amazingly coherent at times.

Supergirl was there as was Janine and there were a whole bunch of other people who might or might not have blogs but I'm really not good at details, so my apologies to anyone I missed.

There was knitting and eating and laughing and fondling of garments (the knitted stuff on the table, you perverts!) and I was truly amazed. I'm almost embarrassed to send my humble little hats but if you've seen the pictures on Ryan's blog you'll know why I'm sending them anyhow. Even a humble little hat is better than no hat at all.

After several hours, Ryan, TMK, Leslie, Elaine and I decided to go back to TMK's house to let Frankie out to frolic and possibly to pee but we're too ladylike to mention it and order pizza. Ryan gave me the address and phone number and we set off confidently in traffic, Ryan in the lead ...

And now I must get some sleep as I have children coming over later and of course I have to save some material for tomorrow.

next chapter tomorrow, in which i really promise to tell you about the guy in the white truck, how i'm very good at getting unlost, and the complete posession of tmk by the spinning goddesses

I'm standing by, waiting for your answer. If I am an unlesbian I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do.
The more I read about the gathering the sadder I am that I missed it, darn family obligations.

BTW, I knit and am an unlesbian. I don't live in Seattle proper so mayby that's why, though I was raised in Seattle and my mom did play fast pitch softball. ;-)
I, for one, am very happy that you signed up for NABLOPOMO (did I get that right?). I love reading your posts - you always make me laugh :)
I'm unlesbian? Uh oh.
Holy Cow Woman. Nothing like pressure. I'm a joiner as you know and I wasn't tempted. I'll wait for every post with baited breath (what the heck does that mean anyway?!)
I signed up, too! Insane. How did that HAPPEN? I'll try not to post what I had for lunch. lol
Actually, at lunch today, I sent you a box. And yes, one hat is better than none. I claim no uns one way or another ;)
What about Redmond? Do I have to be a lesbian to knit in Redmond? I have no objections to that whatever...but the husband might have a problem.....he can be funny that way.
I'm so glad you signed up for NaBloPoMo. I enjoy your blog immensely.
question - why did you have to go to someone else's house to pee? MaryB doesn't have a toilet? Also, I'm wondering if you only posted that bit about lesbian/unlesbian because you are secretly hoping that those who are unsure will raise their hands and ask you to help them decide. We can see right through you and your boy haircut, lady! ;-)
is that whole unlesbian thing like being a Pepper? or am I confusing it with the UnCola .....

btw. my word verification for posting this comment was tswckpu. that kinda sounds like a curse.
Oh dear, it seems a number of us have gotten sucked into the void that is NaBlPoMo.

LOVE LOVE your twin story and the "unlesbian". Luckily I don't live in Seattle so I don't have to worry about whether I fit your theory or not. Though I am thinking of nominating you for "honorary lesbian".
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