Monday, November 13, 2006


The Kindness of Stranglers, Another Lie, and WTF?

As always, I'm blown away by the kindness of people (and am I the only one who finds it hilarious that "strangers" and "stranglers" are only one letter apart? Oh. Yeah, I suspected as much).

I don't have an update on the hat total 'cause the PO box thingie was closed both Saturday and today. No, I'm referring to this:

A pile of gorgeous blankets. First the squares were knitted (by strangers) and then joined (by strangers; possibly by stranglers, I don't ask about these things too closely). They will be going to a local mental health association later this week to keep some folks who are living in unheated hotel rooms a little warmer. There are 8 in this pile.

And the lie:

I told Ryan I wasn't taking any Avalanche yarn home. I took something like 37 skeins (including some stuff that was donated last year and needs to be dyed). Clearly I am a weak, weak woman.

And the WTF:

I have made a foray into the world of making orifice hooks. This is my first attempt. Don't worry, I know how bad it is, but it works perfectly and is comfortable in my hand. I'm going to keep it for myself and hopefully come up with something better in the very near future.

My husband and I have decided this resembles nothing so much as a Troll Tampon, so go ahead, be as mean as you like. I can take it.

I love the orifice hook! What did you make the handle out of???
Hmm. If trolls bleed garnets, I might need to get me a troll.
I am quite certain that an orifice hook has some fiber relation but all I can think of is mouths. Well that tool and a mouth (I'm purposely only suggesting the mouth versus other, eh, openings) just doesn't conjure pretty pictures.
you know, i liked the orifice hook until you called it a troll tampon.

you have to work on your marketing skills.
Ok. I don't know nothing from troll tampons or orifice hooks, but that pile of blankets rocks.
I'm with Ann. All that warmth is serious. The word "orifice hook" always gets me on its own.
Troll tampon.. *snorts* You've probably got a hit on your hands.. everyone will want one now.
I took a REAL leap of faith this AM! Never having HEARD of an orifice hook before, I had to go search it down ... not knowing WHAT sort of site I'd end up at, too! LOL, for a spinning wheel, to thread it? Hm-m-m, you're going to make that troll WORK for it's fun, woman!
I think Rabbitch has fabulous marketing skills. Who needs an orifice hook when you can have a troll tampon?!!

I have a wheel on order - when it's in, we'll talk. I think I really will need a troll tampon.
Yup, 'everyone' starts with me! I like it and I want one. My orifice is slightly smaller than most, so it will have to be sized accordingly; finer wire, I think. And green. Must be green...
It looks like the baby of one of the creatures from the original Star Trek a zillion years ago. And really, if there's already an orifice hook, what's wrong with a troll tampon? (Extra points if you make the next handle a little squishy.)
OMGosh, it looks fine. It just looks like a finger hit by buckshot, is all. What's the problem here?
I'm trying (with little success) to determine which phrase conjures up a more distressing image: "troll tampon" or "orifice hook".....
You're baaaack!
I love it a troll tampon...LOL
Sometimes your blog leaves me speechless!! I spent hours pondering the orifice hook, and troll tampon. The images conjured by those words were unspeakable. Then I learn it has something to do with spinning. What a let down!
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