Saturday, November 11, 2006


In Which I Eat My Words, But Little Else

Remember that root canal thingie I had? The one that didn't hurt at all and ha ha ha nanny-nanny boo-boo and so on?

Yeah. That one.

Well, it would seem that the main reason we had to do the root canal, the galloping infucktion, is causing all sorts of fun for me. That, plus the 900 injection sites means that I'm pretty much living on custard and beer today (no, I haven't had any of either but I have quite a lot of at least one of them in my fridge -- guess which?).

I will not take photos or describe in detail the joys of a gum infucktion, all I can say is don't look up the word "fistula" while you're eating dinner. I'm seeing them again on Friday so if it isn't any better by then I'll get something done. Like maybe have them hit me on the head really hard and bury me in the woods.

In the meantime, seeing I'm overrun with children yet again, I'm taking the opportunity to lock them all in one room to "play nicely" (I only open the door if there's actual screaming or if there's blood running out into the hallway) and then to dye some wool for a prize to be used by Wendy in her drive for Heifer International.

And to drink beer.

Or custard.

We are waiting breathlessly for photos--of the yarn!
The dentist didn't give you antibiotics? What a fucktard.

Sort of like my surgeon asking if I need more pain meds... uh sliced into my arm, reconnected the bones, and moved a nerve... what do you think?

Sometimes I don't think they have a clue.
Sounds like how I used to babysit my nieces and nephews- lock em in the closet with sharp pointy toys, a bag of sugar, and some beer. Open door only to throw in more pixie stix or tourniquets.

Obviously the beer was for me. Mostly.

Um, should you not get the antibiotics sooner? Call them if you start running a fever or your pain med of choice isn't working. No need to suffer.
If you don't have antibiotics call them Monday, if you have 'em and things are not measurable better by Monday, call 'em. Friday my very large ass!
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