Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm Not Worthy!

Feast your fibre-crazed eyes on these puppies:

The two grey ones are merino/tencel, the incredible green/gold one (the picture doesn't begin to do it justice) is 100% merino and that shiny fawn-coloured stuff? That's baby camel mixed with tussah silk.

To. Die. For.

This incredible bounty came my way from Kay at Silver Moon Farm. Their website doesn't seem to be functioning today, but you can reach Kay at

I may just eat this stuff instead of spinning it.

Hello, my dear. Thanks for posting the pictures. The site is, as in "crescent" or sliver of fiber, which I think is why you couldn't find me. We aren't quite functional yet, but soon...soon. Happy spinning!!!
Oooohh... pass me a piece of the champagne colored camel/silk.. before you go and eat it all.. {grins}
My compulsion is to whine at your fortune and universally adored person but I will fight the urge. Really, I'm happy for you but (whimper, whimper)......
Camel/Tussah is my favorite fiber to spin. Comes out looking like a thread of spun gold. Mmmmmm.

My first grandchild (a girl!) will be getting a teeny pair of camel/silk socks. I think you saw them at the guild meeting?
Oh. my. FSM.
That green-gold is amazing, even just from the picture.
And baby.. camel? AND silk?
You could just roll in it nekkid.
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