Thursday, November 16, 2006


I Hate Blogger

So I had 2/3 of a post written and then Blogger wouldn't let me save it so I went to sleep and now I'm going to have to go to work. And this post-a-day thingie is harder than it looks.

Go over to the hat blog to be distracted from my lameness. We're up to 69 hats now!

Heh. You said 69. I love it when you post dirty.
So much harder than it looks! Especially today. I definitely am having less and less love for Bl*gger
I'm putting a hat in the mail today. There's a photo on my blog.
I feel your pain, Rabbitch. Blogger and I are not friends, and it has caused me to manufacture creative profanity on more than one occasion. I finally started creating my entries in word and then using copy and paste to put them on the blog. It's a small pain in my not so small ass, but if blogger refuses to take it, at least it's not lost.
I think blogger just picks on certain people. I have a love/hate thing going on with it. It has deleted two of my posts, but only on days when I'm really busy. Stupid blogger!
What hat blog? Where's the damn hat blog?
I suggest Word Press! I lurrrve me some WP!! Oh, the plugins....swoooon!
i agree. this blog a day thing is a lot harder than one would thing. we have been having the crud circulate around our house too...yuck. i hope you are all better soon.
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