Sunday, November 19, 2006


For MaryB

My first five Dulaan items, plus a pair of shoes daughter wore maybe four or five times.

Four hats and a scarf. I have another hat made, too, and these will be mailed out this week.

So that leaves, what, 44 more to go? Don't suppose they need dishcloths.


i think i can ... i think i can ...

Nice hats!

It's a scam, you know.

And so was my mitten thing and your hat thing.
Great job on the hats. I put mine for your hat thingy in the post yesterday, so if I didn't muck up the address and Canada Post doesn't muck up the usual posty stuff you should have 'em by the end of next week(ish)
But if you and Ann and Mary can run scams like this, you're GOOD at it! LOL ... what great company you're in, at least ...

And such LOVELY scam hats!
Of course you can! Just make sure you bitch about it all the way...Really nice hats btw...
Great hats! I haven't even started my Dulaan knitting yet. I did, however, mail 6 hats to you for your scam on Saturday so hopefully you will have them by the end of the week.

44 more? Of course you can!
Oh man! I didn't even think about shoes! Must troll Bean's castoffs for appropriate shoes in addition to warmies. Do you think Mary Janes would be considered appropriate as well? I realize they aren't the warmest shoes but they are warmer than no shoes.
If you make items for Dulaan, how much does it cost to send them to wherever they have to be sent? I am not able to join anything right now, but I am able to knit over the summer to send a few things next fall. I am in Canada. Thanks.
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