Thursday, November 23, 2006


Dyepot Delights

As promised, although a day late. This is the wool I dyed as a prize for Wendy's fundraising drive for Heifer International

this is what the first skein looks like, all pretty-like languishing beside my niddy-noddy

this is a crappy picture, but it shows the colour better. it's a bit dark here. my camera sucks.

Two skeins, about 220 yards each (probably a lot over), superwash merino in sock weight. This will not be coming to a store near you any time soon -- I made one dyelot and threw away the recipe (well, actually i was trying for something else and this is what i got, so clearly my recipes don't mean anything anyhow) so if you want it, you know what to do.

And now, what you've all been waiting for:

koala twat. politely referred to on the sale page as "bright blue surprise". it's a darker blue than this; it really is cobalt. i just can't seem to get a decent picture. two skeins (230 yards each) available

There are some skeins of purple, too, and some yellow, methinks, but I yet again must dash to work. Will it ever end?

(hopefully not, i like paying rent)

I'm not 'zactly sure what sort of koalas you've been imagining in your sleep-deprived state, but I would respectfully suggest that the cobalt yarn could also be named Smurfette Twat. :-)
That's a beautiful shade of twat.
I love the color of the burgandy yarn on the top.. We could do a trade for some stitch markers or something if you'd like.
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