Sunday, November 26, 2006


Down to the Wire


I had a fantastic day today. Woke up too early (no, that's not the good part) fed the 900 kids and sent them home and then got a couple of hours to myself while E went on a playdate. Later, I ate popcorn and knat and watched Shrek II with La Principessa and then had dinner with her.

We had been scheduled to go to the 'rents for dinner tonight but we're up to the yingyang in snow around here (and if you're wondering exactly where the yingyang is located, it is apparently somewhere around my ankle bone) and so that got cancelled. I can't think of the last time I had so much time to just hang out and have fun with her. The kid is decidedly cool.

Anyhow, after she had dinner and her bath, I lay down beside her to get her to go to sleep and I have no idea when she drifted off, but I woke up again shortly before midnight. So yeah, I almost missed today's deadline. And this will be posted hastily and without any editing, so although I don't dare post anything German (ever again) rest assured that my English may well be as lacking today. And that I shall kick your collective asses if you point it out.

Speaking of wires, today while E was at her friend's house, I went to the hardware store to get some wire. I had to ask the guy where it was, because all I could find was the covered electrical wire, and although I've got no objection to using that, the gauge was too heavy on all of them. I asked him where the uncovered wire might be. He asked me what I needed it for. I looked him straight in the eye and said "orifice hooks". I wasn't sure if he thought he was going to hear some perverse tale of granny porn or learn something new. He was certainly startled.

I kindly explained.

So if you're going to the Revy near my house and need wire for orifice hooks, ask the bald guy. He knows what you're talking about and does not fear the orifice.

But I'll be remembering the look on his face for quite some time to come. And really, What's the point in having a hobby if you can't have some sort of fun with it?

LOL! Reminds me of way back when I worked at a telecom company. Over in Production, they had in their vast array of tools something called a "Captive Nut Positioner Stick". Kid you not.
HaHaaaaa! Ask a silly question.... =) Of course, I don't know what it is, either...
Of course, the bald guy also probably went home and told his wife "you won't BELIEVE what I dealt with today ... someone wanted orifice hooks!"

So, you not entertained him, but likely his framily and friends, too; and now us ... can't wait to see the orifice hooks!
woohoo! did you tell him which orifice you were using it on?
OK, so I got in to this via the Blogspot homepage. Guess this will have to do for now. What a pain! My hardware store guys' eyes glaze over when I come in, because I always say, "I want a thing that looks like this- I believe it might be used for electrical projects." Then they laugh and help me find it.
I once looked a 14-15 year old boy working at Zellers, in the middle of the Christmas department, and asked him if he had blue balls. However that was entirely by accident and fled before he could work out exactly why my face was red.
Ha! Today at work we were talking about people we'd like to kneecap and I offered my orifice hook as an alternative. Once I explained what it was everyone thought it would be very useful!

Would you post your hooks to the UK? :-)
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