Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Die Krankenhaus

Everyone but me is sick, Ch├ęz Lapin. I decided to get mine over with in two days last week, however the Muppet has been sick since Thursday and today Ben came down with the galloping cruds.

Just payment, indeed, for taking it upon himself to move wiring in my office, thereby making the crashing-to-the-ground of either my only light source or my printer imminent. But I digress. (And it's a good excuse to spend a couple of hours in here tomorrow, rearranging things).

Anyhow, this is my "please excuse the Rabbitch for not having a good post tonight but her husband was sick" note. I did have a story all about TMK almost ready to go but that'll have to wait for tomorrow.

worried, TMK? *g*

Und jetzt, wie immer, zu arbeit.

i'm feeling a little teutonic today, please forgive

Sorry, can't help myself, I am a virgo: Das Krankenhaus

Und jetzt, wie immer, zur Arbeit.

You are welcome to correct my English which certainly needs it.
does this mean you're related to lily von schtupp?
Dude. Someone preempted my German tutorial. Crap. Hope all improves at Chez Lapin.
Gute Besserung! ;)
You have wiring in your office? Lucky you. The wiring in my office consists of two heavy-duty extension cords from the living room. The irony is that the SO is not only a Fireman(and we are totally breaking code) but is capable of fixing the situation...he just never gets around to it. I feel like the plumbers wife ;o)

Hope you all get well soon :o)
Should I be worried? ;-)
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