Friday, November 24, 2006


Completely Disoriented

I stayed late at work this morning because I wanted to talk to my supervisor, and so didn't get my "before school" nap this morning. Somehow, we ended up being three minutes late anyhow, so my daughter had to go and get a late note, while last year's insanely disapproving twatmonkey of a teacher happened to be in the office, observing yet another failure on my behalf and sniffing a bit in her "I'm More Xian Than You" manner. It was very pleasant.

So I came home, filled a hot water bottle, fell on my noggin and landed directly in the middle of the deepest, darkest, most dreamless sleep I've had in months. Which was fine but when the alarm clock went five hours later I was all "WTF? It's Saturday, why is this damned thing ringing and where is my daughter and why isn't Ben here?" Which was sort of a pity as Ben's at school writing two papers that are due pretty much immediately and my daughter was at her school waiting for me to go pick her up at 3pm.

Fortunately I managed to remember to go get her, and then got to the post office for more hats (update tomorrow) but I'm completely discombobulated and have been for the rest of the afternoon.

Somehow in the next half hour I have to have a shower (oh, stop thinking about me nekkid, I shower in the dark with my clothes on, sillies), pack up the kid with food and toys, get her up to gramma's, get back home, wrap up a gift for the woman I'm meeting tonight for dinner (she flew all the way here from Ottawa just to bring me some hats. She had some story about a convention she was attending but I think we all know that's just a cover story because she's too embarrassed to admit to her slavish devotion), drop off my housekey to my babysitter, pack up everything I need for dinner knitting (you didn't think I was going with empty hands?) and for work tonight and then get out of the house.

So, um, that's my excuse for not having a great big post with all sorts of pictures and links today.

The Koala Twat yarn was sold by the time I got home from work this morning, btw -- thank you! I shall be knitting and blogging (and photographing all of the hats I've received so far as there seems to be a general feeling that that's required) and beating 900 children as usual this weekend. More dyeing too, methinks. Stay tuned; I'm sure I'll manage to do something embarrassing.


Well, it's gettin' on for evening on my side of the country. Done anything embarassing for us yet?
I need a nap just reading this;) Happy adventures!
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