Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As Promised: Toad Testicle

Y'all didn't think I was going to publish a teaser like that and not come through, did you? If you did, clearly you know me too well. However, for once I'm not lying.

I had a dream.

Well no, I didn't, but I had this idea that I could be all elegant and stuff and make some sort of nifty felted beaded button dealie, in fact make several dozen of them, sell them, become filthy rich and retire in peace to a little cottage in the countryside with my llama. Possibly also my husband but he's allergic to animals and if I have to make a choice I think you know how that's going to go, no?

Anyhow, I knit and I knat and I knotted and beaded and whatevered, then sewed it all together (yes, me with a sewing needle in my hand!) and felted and felted and felted and felted and felted.

And, unfortunately, came up with something that resembles nothing more than a toad testicle. That is, if the toad is quite large. And possibly diseased.

I actually love this brave and pathetic little button quite madly. The picture is a little light, but the yarn is billed as "peridot" and I'd say it's pretty close. It has a metal ring embedded in the back just in case anyone urgently needs to attach a 4"-wide, 2"-thick, seven pound button to any of their delicate knitwear.

Actually it's not that bad. It's about an inch and a half wide, and maybe an inch and a quarter high. It's my first attempt at felting (at least my first attempt at felting on purpose and we will just not mention that little -- very little -- blue cardigan ever again shall we? it was 25 years ago, give me a break) and I certainly won't be deterred by the fact that it didn't turn out quite as I had imagined.

I'm going to try felting it down a little more, and then maybe work on making a few that might fit human-sized clothes. In the meantime maybe this could be a closure for a felted bag I've been working on for about 3 years now ...

tomorrow: delights from the dyepot, and maybe a hat update

I have a question ... HOW do "we" know what a toad testicle looks like to compare?

And if I dream about toads OR testicles tonight, it's gonna be ALL YOUR FAULT! :-)
Now you give that poor toad his testicle back! Poor toad.
Well, you've certainly answered one of the unanswered questions in my life - what happens to toad testicles when they get neutered? Thanks so much!

Seriously, it looks kinda cool, and I love the spirit of adventure you are sporting,

Elise in Seattle
Single button sweater, anyone?
Eek, hat update - scarier than toad testicles!

Lest you think a lurking, infrequent poster is a liar, I commented about 2 weeks ago that I had 10 hats for the drive and had just turned up some additional yarn.

Thanks to your idea, 16 young adults in the Guelph, Ontario area will be getting the hats I made. A chance comment to a friend made me aware that a shelter in her town would be very happy to receive them, so I passed them along.

Many thanks from me for the idea (and more space in my yarn closet), thanks from the donor who now has something additional to pass along, and, most importantly, a few more warm heads for people this winter.

Is it a toad testacle or a pilates tumor? Freud? Huh? Huh?
I didn't even know toads had testicles.
But whatever. I like the button.
what a cute toady t button.
That must've been one hell of a toad...
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