Monday, November 06, 2006



If you are dressed as a cute kitty, you get lots of candy.

And if your haircut makes you look like a cross between kd lang and Lyle Lovett (WTF?), you get lots of hats:

top left, three hats from three different people for the Vancouver hat project, top right, three hats i made, two from avalanche yarn, for the dulaan project, bottom front, very pink hat on the needles for a small person who is outraged that everyone gets hats except for her

No substance today, I slept almost all day and now must rush to work.

Looking through your site for the Vancouver Hat Project address, and found that very cute kitty! She is really adorable. She'll love the pink hat. Happy Halloween (hatty halloween?). And thanks for collecting the hats.
If you wear a headband with fluffy ghosts sticking up from it while escorting a small Batman and his Batman costumed dog on Halloween, you get candy too. Trust me.

If all goes as planned, (which it rarely does with me, just so you know) I should have an envelope with hats on its merry way to you early next week. I've already knit the boychild a hat out of some really nice stuff. So of course he won't wear it.
What a cutie pie! Give that girl a hat!
That's one cute kitty! And can I just say, HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LOT OF CANDY!!!!!!

p.s. just finished hat #5; planning at least one more before they go in the mail. We do have until Dec. 1st, right?
Granted, I have never met you in real life but -- she looks so much like you!
Rabbitch, that kid is cute Kryptonite--makes me weak just to look at her.
Longtime lurker, here.

I've got 10 hats for you and was berating myself about not to the post office with them. On Sunday I turned up more yarn in the back of the closet. If it proves to be not enough for a Dulaan sweater, I'll hat it up and get them all out within the next 10 days.

I hope she's giving you the Almond Joys and the snickers... Hey, I've got two hats and I keep forgetting to ask.. can I still send them?
Holey! Look at that bag!

She is adorable. I'll have to try the cute kittie next year. hehe
She looks adorable! But dang, was she able to carry all that candy by herself?!
The fur trim is a nice finishing touch to the kitty outfit.
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