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Damn, and this won't even count as tomorrow's post!

To all those concerned: you're very sweet, but the reason I don't have antibiotics is that I don't take 'em unless my life's in danger without them. I believe this is one of the reasons that they work so well on the few occasions I have succumbed to the need.

The worst of the infection has been cleaned out of the tooth (bleach solution and all!) and the gum is draining. He said he didn't think I needed antibiotics, and I told him if he gave 'em to me I'd wait a week before taking them anyhow, as a healthy body (and mine's relatively healthy despite the utterly dissolute lifestyle I claim to have) can fight off most stuff without them.

As for the dissolute lifestyle: I live on mostly fruit (usually organic), veggies (again, often organic), nuts and dairy. Carbs too -- I love toast and have a piece almost every day (yes, one. Shut up). I eat a little lean meat a couple of times a week. I even exercise pretty much daily (but don't tell anyone), I'm a healthy weight (I could lose maybe 10 lbs) and I drink an awful lot less than I like you to think.

And now my image is completely destroyed. I do have Cheetos and black coffee for "breakfast" (about 10pm) at work a couple of times a week. I love me my Cheetos. I also sometimes eat chocolate 'cause at 4am when my ass is dragging bigtime and I have another two hours left to go on my shift, chocolate is all that's going to get me through. And I have about four or five cans of co-cola a week, too.


Utterly, utterly ruined.

Anyhow, I think most of the pain is from the anaesthetic injection sites. There was a lot of it, which is why I didn't feel a thing during the entire nasty process. I always have a day or two of pain after having dental work involving freezing.

My dentist's office is closed on Monday (it's a statutory holiday here), but he's always closed on Monday anyhow. They work long hours -- open at 8am and they're open some Saturdays, too -- so I don't begrudge them a day off. If it's still ugly on Tuesday I'll call and they'll work me in, even if it's on their lunch hours. The dentist, and all of the staff there, truly rock. They'll see me right. I can even call him at home if it gets worse but relax, I was mostly just whining. And drinking custard.

And now, seeing I really ~do~ have beer in the fridge I shall go and attempt to redeem my reputation.

Break out the brown liquor and swish it around the mouth. That will revive your reputation.
OMG, I'm so disillusioned. I mean, if you're all virtuous and healthy and stuff... oy, I can't think straight.
Hmmm. MAybe the bunny is on to something...

Despite my post where I whine about the NP reluctantly giving me antibiotics for my URI, I rarely ever take them. Maybe once a year when I get this crud.

However, the dentist that did one of my root canals didn't get all the infection in my tooth. It sat there in the tip of the root behind the metal post and cement for five years being tender and occasionally painful... cut to a few years ago when the pain became unbearable and I got to have an oral surgeon cut through my gum and part of my jaw to get to the tip to cut it open and drill that crap out. Gah.

Although I did lose about 10lbs since I had to be on a custard and vicodin diet for a few weeks after that while it healed...

You know your body better than anyone. But if the pain gets worse or you run a fever... I just want to spare anyone the joy of that particular dental proceedure.
I rarely take antibiotics myself.. usually then just end up making me puke my guts up rather than doing me any good. I did have to take them when I had a large number of teeth removed - but I'm sure that they worked because I don't take things like that unless absolutely necessary.
I've had a LOT of root canals (soon all the roots will be canalled, so I can stop worrying about them) and I had one go bad, where all the infection wasn't cleaned out. My wonderful dentist opened up the office on Christmas Eve to work on it for me. Even though I feel the same way as you about antibiotics and avoid taking them, they worked their miracle that time. Although I couldn't really eat for another 24 hours, and Christmas dinner consisted of champagne and tiny slivers of chocolate! ;-)
I agree with TheBunny, break out the hard stuff and swish away! That has done me a world of good with various dental (and mental) pain.
Damn. All healthy lifestyle and everything? You just fell off your pedestal...
Bitch! you had to mention the C word, and i've got a bagful of halloween candy taunting me!
Poor Rabbitch! Dental pain is on its own level of suckitude. I hope you feel better soon. Root canals, even when they go well, are no fun.
Ah jeez. I hope you feel better soon. Beer and custard doesn't seem to bad. mmm, beer. It's not too early to start, is it?
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