Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ain't Got Much

Today is a busy day and the tale will have to be concluded later. Nothing much else happens except for food and silliness and spinning anyhow. It was a great time.

BUT ... in the meantime I'd like to announce that Miss Mouse has generously offered to donate a set of her fantastic stitch markers as a prize in the Huge Hat Haul. She also has some gorgeous handspun for sale. I'm broke, or y'all wouldn't have a chance. Run over and grab it before I win the lottery tonight, mmkay?

Why is it that the minute I go on a yarn diet, I am tempted everywhere I go? Must resist clicking on the link. Must. Resist.

Damn, this is harder than a "real" diet!
mmmmm yarrrnnnnn. You should be getting a box very soon. Tossing my hats in the ring as it were ;)
I'm posting here in order to keep myself accountable :P
I've challenged myself to make 30 hats --enough for everyday this month. I'll be posting the patterns on my blog as well.
My new blog that is - i moved over to blogger beta

30 hats to knit
shouldn't hurt a bit
november in 30 hats
in december i'll be bats!
ho ho ho!

bad attempt at poetry i avoiding hats already?
gotta run i'm 2 hats behind
I (finally!) finished the couple of other projects that were on the needles so I was able to cast on for *your* first hat. Yippee! I love to knit hats.
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