Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Word?


There, now you've done it.


For fucksake! You could have given us some warning that you were going to be so goddam vulgar.
And here I thought this was a family site.
Ha. You funny. ;)

PS, please use the following word in a sentence: aujpss.
Great Og, woman, don't you know that life is too frakin' short to knit with chenille??? Jeezopete.
Don't do it! Don't do it! Think of the children!
oh my FSM. You really are unwell.
You're not fooling me. That was NEVER the word.
Damnit, can't we all just be fucking ladies here???
Why? Oh, Why?

Dishcloths, right? Bath scrubbies?

If you continue to use such language I shall be forced to summon the police.
I don't care what you like to do but I don't WANT to be fucking ladies, ok? Just my preference...
EEEK! *picks up skirts and runs away screaming daintily*
Ewwuuu skin crawly, cotton sheddy
Do you eat with that mouth? Or kiss your kid?
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