Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We Interrupt Our Story

To bring you a reminder that today is the last day to sign up for The Dulaan Brigade. Signing up is easy, just email Ryan with a working email address, and tell her you're in!

C'mon, you know you want to. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy and, more importantly, will make the folks in MongoLEEa feel all warm and fuzzy also.

You can, of course, knit, crochet, whatever for the project at any time, but this is the last day to get on the "official" list and be eligible for a nifty prize (as yet to be determined).

The count of participants is up over 300 so far. I, of course, went mental and decided that this year's goal of 12,086 is far too low, and that we should aim for 20,000. MaryB agreed with me enthusiastically, but now she tells me that as punishment for my lunacy, I'm expected to knit like 100 items or something mad like that (ok, she didn't give a number, but she said it had to be more than five).

that's 12,086 knitted items, not 12,086 participants, although that would be utterly astonishing, too

I've got one and a half hats done. I'll get right on the rest as soon as I finish trying to put hats on all of the homeless in Vancouver. As of December 26, Ryan, my needles are yours.

One hundred. I can do it. (Anyone settle for ten?)

no, I'm not drunk this early in the morning. clearly, crack was free today ...

Thanks for the reminder that today is the last day to "officially" sign up. I went over and emailed right away. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.
I signed up for Dulaan 2007 on day one of the sign-up and still have lots more knitting to do. Irina is making us all look like slackers.

I mailed 5 hats for your hat challenge today - global priority mail (4-6 day delivery). They are all acrylic for easy care. They went through the washer and dryer yesterday. It only took me a week to get around to the laundry and mailing process. I finished them a week ago this past Sunday.
There's 4 hats coming from South Florida, we know about keeping warm ;)
Two hats left MN this morning on their way to you for the homeless ...
I signed up for 10 and am most of the way there (7.5). It helps if one doesn't feel the need to feed husband or pets, clean the house, go to work, or silly things like that. Hope they don't notice.
I mailed to you, signed up with Ryan, mailing to Ship Support today.

What else?

C knitting? What's that? Cooking, Cleaning, to hell with 'em, I say!
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