Sunday, October 15, 2006


Rather A Lot of Wool

that's 560 yards of Peruvian sockweight, 1120 yards of superwash merino in laceweight and 2240 yards of superwash merino in sock weight

Lots more time on my hands than I had anticipated (yay for little girls with playdates!)

So ... the only questions are ... what first? And natural or acid dyes?

I know you're going to be breathless with anticipation until you find out.

Acid dyes! Acid dyes!

Ok, I might be a little overexcited by all that dyeable yarn.
I'm certainly breathless. And another vote for the acid dyes. That wool looks luscious.
My only question is will all that dyeing keep you out of trouble....oh wait I already know the answer...NO!

Have fun!
Have FUN indeed, whatever you decide...jeeze louise, that's some good lookin' wool!
You will be pleased (?) to know that both your Dulaan West Coast Knit-in link, and the subsequent post, caused the following alert on my workstation:
"Advisory - Unauthorized Websites "

Big Brother doesn't like you. Too bad I enjoy your writing.
ok, what's your yarn source????? And why aren't you sharing?

Yes, what is your yarn source, please? (asks please really nicely!!) I'm feeling a case of wool envy coming on for that laceweight :o)

btw - bought some yarn for hats, I hope to have a few for you after the weekend!
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