Thursday, October 26, 2006


Quick Update

No childcare tonight, so we're juggling mommy and daddy time. This means that there is little blogging time as they seem to want me to be on time for work, so I have to go pick Ben up.

Bastages. Don't they know you're far more important?

Anyhow, a flying update on the hat progress, with proper links and all tomorrow.

So far I have received 17 hats (ten are from one person, can you believe it?), and have been informed of another couple dozen that have been posted already. Here they are, in all their glory:

nice, or what?

Some are kid-sized:

Some are not:

All are gorgeous. Thanks so much to everyone who's participating.

Looking good! Love the happy model! She does a great job! I want to try to get more in before I mail them 3 down so far>
Rabbitch, you rock my world. I thought I was the only person in the world who knew the "farging bastages" reference. I'm giggling and giggling.
Dude, is that YOUR (other than the hats) totally cleared off table that is in YOUR studio??!! If it is, either tell me the trick, or give the little elves my address, will ya'?
your model is fabulous! gorgeous! bravo ! bravo!
I'm two in, but want to do at least one more. Not going to get to 10 though - Wow!

Now you have less hair, won't you be needing a hat yourself? I know, you're not homeless, but ears get pretty chilly...
Fabbo hats, and a GREAT model. Put her to work to help with the rent. :)
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