Saturday, October 14, 2006


Prize #1

There we go; told you I'd get a picture up sooner or later.

two skeins of Kureyon, colour #92

We also have an offer of some sock yarn, for which I do not yet have a photo, and the charming and talented Miss Wendy is going to send one lucky winner a signed copy of her book.

I'll put all of this info over here as soon as I get three minutes to myself (house full of children, and really, after they go to bed I'm just going to dye wool rather than blog).

The colour of the Kureyon is pretty close. The colour of the mitts in the previous post, however, was not at all true and I didn't realize how far off they were until everyone started patting me on the head and saying "sure, pink, whatever you want dear" and backing away slowly. If you scroll down a bit, there's a pink mitten a couple of posts ago. That's a lot closer to the real colour.

I know the difference between pink and purple, honest. I'm not that drunk, no matter what some folks imply.

On the exciting fibre front, I'm actually going to make it to my guild meeting on Tuesday, and it also looks like I'll be heading south for The Exciting West-Coast Dulaan Knit-In. Should I be able to keep the batteries in my camera (I have a new elastic band! Yay!) there will be (blurry) pictures.

Now don't you wish you were me?

Yes, that is.
No, I don't wear my underpants that way. Have fun.
Every day of my life!
im drunk. sorry you arentvf. am wasted.
word verifititiacation hard when drunk
Almost a hat.
One hat done, another on the needles ... you want them one at a time or together?

I haven't tried knitting drunk; is it better?
hi, rabbitch --

your contest is great, but the hats and scarves i've made will go to an abused women's shelter here in indy.

(scarves are ultra simple, ultra fast -- 17 stitches wide, 6 feet long, double-stranded . . . one worsted and one leftover eyelash yarn -- on 19 needles. takes about 3 hours of watching tube to turn one out. we get serious winter here, too, so they're practical, but the eyelash adds a little touch of sass and joy. and they're still machine washable.)

i told myself it was a "stash reduction project," but then i kept finding clearance yarn that told me it needed to do a random act of kindness . . .

but i did succeed in reducing/reorganizing enough to make room for yarn that will become two cozy sweaters for me, me, me! (that is, after i've finished 4 on needles or waiting in bags for family christmas and birthday gifts).

but thanks for encouraging people to treat our neediest brothers and sisters like family.

I will most definately contribute to the prize stash with 500 gr of Tiki, 100% bamboo yarn in the color choice of the winner from my site.
Hat one in progress, with some minor barely-noticeable hiccups. Great in lectures... :-)
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