Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Pardon Me?

Recent google searches:

a) and when one little panda puts his furry little willy
b) where can you find shirts that say I make cute babies
c) make chicken hats

OK, the hats I can understand (sort of) and the "cute babies" one, although desperately twee, is also understandable. But you? You over there, the panda guy?

You've got a problem. No, really. I'm calling the Panda Police.

that's brilliant. and just the laugh i desperately needed this morning. thanks!
I almost snorted my morning tea out my nose laughing, thank you very much, Rabbitch. The panda thing is from South Park--a favorite episode of mine in which the kids are given a sexual harrassment awareness presentation by "sexual harassment panda". Yes, I am in fact deeply ashamed that I know this.
do chickens even wear hats??
The panda comment is a line from an episode of South Park called Sexual Harassment Panda in which a man dressed up in a panda costume teaches the children about sexual harrasment, a lesson that leads the children to start suing one another.

It is really frightening how encyclopedic my knowledge of pointless television shows is.
And of course I just looked up and saw that ms. knitengale already posted that. Apologies for my pointless clutter. I should know better than to post without double checking my reading comprehsion.
I think we have at least one Googler in common. Today somebody came to me after searching for "naked Dorothy Hamill ass." With all due respect for Ms. Hamill, eeew.
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