Thursday, October 12, 2006


Not All Hats, Not All the Time

My small child is now in love with me, as I have finished and seamed the second of the small pink mittens I was making:

These were originally intended for Ann's mitten challenge for the res, but a) I missed the deadline and b) they were co-opted by The Small House Goddess. I'll cast on more for Ann tonight, but I had to bow to Herself in the interest of maintaining a modicum of domestic harmony.

I'm actually really stoked that she craves my handknits so badly. She's been known to steal washcloths for blankets for her dolls ...

And yet, were I to make Barbie clothes they'd likely be left under the couch.


Just my luck to get one of the weird kids ...

How very sweet! And you finished something!

Who the hell are you?
Cute! But, um, darlin'? Those are purple.
Small PINK mittens? Have I suddenly gone color blind? I'm hoping it's you. I already suck at putting outfits together - I don't need another obstacle.
That's a shade of pink I would wear!
Yep, I'm seein' purple, too...way cute purple, to be sure, but definitely purple.
Whew! And for a second there, I thought I was the ony one seeing purple!

(couldn't resist)
"weird ones"????? Is this really you posting?? Her Serene Highness n'est pas un pomme too far from either parental tree, oui???? Et aussi, violet but beautiful....
Yep, purple... oh, and about that weird kid of yours? on your hands and knees, woman, to thank all your lucky stars, the weird ones are 99.9% the very best, seriously. and I just know you agree.
As my kids keep telling me...."Normal would be boring, right Mom? You wouldn't want boring kids, would you?"
I think I know what you mean...and, I know you agree that normal might be too frightening - like the apple jumping off the tree and becoming a ufo or something!
Yes, pink.

*backs away slowly*
Uh ya ... Pink. Right. That's what you see? Or the weird kid who adores your knitting told you they were pink? Well that's the shade of pink I for one like best!
I love your mittens!

Personally, I think one of the privileges of being The Small House Goddess is the (re)naming of her things with any name she chooses. And I think this rule particularly applies when it's a handknit mittens from The Head Honcho House Goddess.

(But, pleasemake sure she doesn't go to school and call her purple mittens pink, cuz you know how kids can be....)
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