Saturday, October 28, 2006


Messge in a Bottle

I'm heading for Seattle for the Dulaan knit-in in a few hours, and won't be blogging again until Sunday night, or Monday afternoon, depending on how much the strip-search by the border guards tires me out.

Many pictures will be taken. Of the knit-in, not the strip-search, you perverts.

In the meantime I apologize for the paucity of anything resembling content on this here blogthing. I'm sure I'll have some sort of ridiculous tale about getting lost while following completely clear directions to regale you with when I return.

And if anyone has sent me an email in the last, oh, year or so and hasn't received a reply, I've just discovered that the ISP from Hell is eating many of my outgoing (at least six in the past ten days) and some of my incoming email. I'll work on some sort of solution shortly, but unfortunately this is the only place I can get a really high-speed connection and y'all know I'm just a speed freak. Going back to dialup would likely cause me to explode. So, if you've sent something and I haven't replied, please don't think I'm just a stuck-up bitch (although that may well be the case). Please send it again and hopefull it'll get through this time. Or send to b_rabbet at hottmaledotcom, making the obvious substitutions.

In the meantime, be good to each other. Or, if you're not, blog about it so I have stuff to read when I get back.

wishing you happy knitting in Seattle and to making good times!
Have a blast at the knit-in.

While you're having fun being stripped searched at the border, I'll be trying to figure out how to package my two hats in such a way that the post office here will actually agree to SEND it to Canada! Funny, they don't want me to use a priority mail envelope ...
Have a blast! The hats will be sent next week...
Ooooo, you used paucity correctly in a sentence. You win the prize for the day. Have fun at the knit in!
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