Monday, October 23, 2006


A Little Head Never Hurt Anyone

Got my hair cut today and for once I didn't have to explain to the nice Iranian ladies there that no, I didn't want to "look a little more feminine" by leaving my hair longer. I'm thinking that a rack of notable proportions would be enough to establish my gender, and anything else is up to everyone else's imagination.

But man do I have a little head or what?! (You guys just have dirty minds).

So I'm dashing out to work, but here for your amusement are a few very bad webcam pictures (I need a new camera, apparently, which might be why today is the first time I've had it plugged in since April. I shall add it to the list).

So tell me true, does this make me look like a boy?

Or this?

yes, I was feeling sorta Judy Garland at this particular moment, apparently

Or how 'bout this?

Hrm. Maybe the last one. And strangely enough, it happens to be my favourite. I think I'll use that one to scare off the jerks on IRC.

Some women can pull off impossibly cute shortie hair like that! Love the dimples!
Looks fab!

I always thought I had a mega-huge head - until I lost all my hair to chemo - and discovered I'd just owned the world's largest hair.

Keep it short - love it!
Short is good, like it! Just think, less yarn on hats for you!
Look like a *boy*? I think not, you have a very strong and attractive face, I love the short hair on you and do you know just how lucky you are to have that bit of curl??? You look fabulous!
I like it -- you've got a little curl going there and short is so much easier than long. Lovely.
I like it.. and you'll save so much money on shampoo too!
I'm sure the boobs are probably a dead giveaway as to your gender.. but people are rather dim sometimes.
if you want it to make you look like a boy, then it does. if not, then it doesn't. how's that for an answer?

me, i like my long hair (even if it took 2 hours to put it up for the wedding, and 45 minutes to take it back down, lol)
boy, you sure are cute!
Damn...a young, (very feminine) Ewan McGregor! Hot shit! :)
Not like a boy, but definitely very cute butch. I love it! And yes, I can attest to the fact that your porch is a dead giveaway to your gender.
Wow, momma. That's some short hair!

I dig it.
I like it. Short hair suits you nicely.
I love that you know what IRC is. Not too many people do ;o) (I used to be a # op back in the day *g* I kinda miss that little @ before my name...)
Far more sexily androgynous. I like!

Heather in OH
Totally scary. Well done!

(good haircut, too!)

3/4 done with the second hat! Yeah!
Looking good! And you hardly look like a boy ... but the evil eye in the 3rd picture is strangely putting me under your power. Noooooooooo!
The important thing is how does it make YOU feel?

I think you look younger, more adventurous and daring, and perhaps a bit butch. That last bit can be played up or down depending on the image you want to portray.
i just figured out who you remind me of with that hair cut. a cross between kd lang and lyle lovett. take that as you wish
It kinda makes your face look thinner. Have you lost weight? I like the short cut. What does Missy Moo think of it?
channeling the Bee-Gees ......

" More than a woman.
You are!
More than a woman to me ....."
It's metronatural. It'll do.
You make me feel like a natural woman.
I love it and don't think you look like a boy. Nope, I see fem there. Regardless of androgeny or not, it looks fab!

And you may find more hats fit you than previously. I always had a big head, then I lost hair due to meds (since discontinued) and voila I can fit in a lot more hats.

So, hats off to you on your daring do!
I can't even tell you how many times I've been called "sir". Or worse, at Safeway, more than once, "Mr. Moore". Zak and I even got "You fucking faggots!!" once, and something thrown at us. Short hair can be so much fun. ;)

Seriously though, you look great. I know the head thing is a shocker, but I doubt you have a small head, really... I think we just get used to certain visual proportions in the mirror.

Thanks for writing about the Pretty article. I hope as many people as possible will see it.
I like the haircut, but where do you hang out on IRC? Is there a #knitting somewhere? I haven't found it.
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